Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation Photos

I promise this is my last vacation post. Here are the requisite travel slides. For the full effect, imagine me reading the captions to you in Ben Stein's Ferris Bueller voice. "Bueller... Bueller..."

Here we have our three backseat drivers: :)

This was the first time Nicknack has ever ridden in his carseat facing forward. It thrilled my heart to be able to turn around and interact with him or just take him in.

My two guys at Schweitzer Mountain. Nicknack is always barefoot. I just went out today and bought him his first pair of sandals, so now he won't look like a caveman baby. But really, he isn't much of a walker yet, so shoes are pretty much decorative. Oh, that reminds me. He took his first steps (without holding on to anything) during our vacation! It was neat that his grandparents got to witness the momentous occasion!

The view down to Lake Pond Oreille:

Nicknack has never been willing to wear hats, until this trip. Persistence pays off!!

On the drive down from the mountain, we saw a bear. I'm in this photo (trying to point to the bear) so you can see how close it was to the road. I grew up in Alaska, so I don't worry about living in a place with bears, although I'm prevented from moving to half the continental US because of two inch spiders. Go figure.

Penn and I have a history of finding neat places by intentionally getting lost. We got a little lost but we weren't sure if it would pay off. We considered turning around but felt like something interesting might be at the end of the dirt road we'd found, if we just went around one more bend. This was what was around the corner:

The photos don't do it justice. This area (Kootenai Valley) is literally the prettiest place we've ever seen.

During this drive we discussed how lots and lots of different areas of the country call themselves "God's Country." It reminded me how Travis Cottrell said his hometown (Boone, NC) is where God gets his mail! :) I guess it makes sense that so many corners of the world are thought of as God's hometown. Because, really, they all are! He created and resides in every single neck of the woods. His imagination amazes me. He is the ultimate artist!

Here is a bald eagle:

This is the lovely Deep Creek:

We screeched the minivan to a halt to capture this gorgeous yard. It had the cutest chicken coop and loveliest garden, right on the creek bank. Can you imagine having your quiet time here every morning?

This is the view from our cabin dock:

We saw a moose!

Nicknack had a blast at the beach! When he wasn't trying to eat sand...

Wading... The water was BRR! cold. But that didn't stop dozens of children of all ages (including PENN!) from whooping it up on the docks and swimming.

The beach area also offers public tennis courts, volleyball courts, picnic areas, and is a very short walk from the downtown Sandpoint block.

Penn, his Dad, and Nicknack on the boat we rented:

Nicknack in his sunhat:

We stopped at my mother and stepdad's summer ranch on the way home. Don't worry, Penn took Nicknack around the driveway going about 1/4 of 1 mph.


Kelli said...

This reminds me of a lot of places in Montana. I miss it like crazy. Glad you guys had a tom of fun and welcome back!

The Small Scribbler said...

I love the barefoot pictures of Nicknack. Most of my kids even owned a pair of shoes until they were over a year old.

A forward facing carseat. A huge milestone! That and moving from a highchair to a booster seat. Two of my favorites.

Beautiful, beautiful countryside. I want to move there too.


Lisa said...

Kitty - these are amazing pictures. I am so glad you have had a wonderful vacation. Thank you so much for sharing these - your little guy is a living doll!!!

pei girl said...

what beautiful pictures and Nicknack is such a handsome little man ,it looks like you had a wonderful time thanks again for posting the lovely pictures (hugs from the Island) have an awesome weekend:0)

Jules said...

Hello! Awesome pics of the great outdoors are Lord and Creator has made for us! :o) I found your site through another site and have enjoyed reading it. Love the pics! I love taking pics of landscapes. It rememinds of me of what an awesome God we serve! Keep up the good work and God bless!

The Preacher's Wife said...

How beautiful is that! It looks like ya'll had a fantastic time..

Btw - knicknacks carseat is adorable..:)


connorcolesmom said...

I love the pictures!
I can see now why you would consider moving there!!
Nicknack is a doll! I love the picture of him sound asleep in his car seat and the one of him on the boat!!
I am so glad you and the family had so much fun!!
God bless,

Alana said...

Looks like fun was had by all, thanks for sharing the pictures! Nicknack is a cutie!

Lavender Chick said...

LOVED the pictures! What a great vacation spot. After seeing your photos, I'm going to look into going to the same place!

Nicknack is such a cutie! Loved the pics of him in his little hat.

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

What great photos! I loved what you found at the end of the dirt road- how beautiful! And the view from your cabin was breathtaking. How neat that he took his first steps with his grandparents there!

Them Chandlers said...

Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

I did the Jane Austen quiz...unfortunately, I'm not Emma :(

Janelle said...

What an awesome place to visit! I have put that on our list of someday...

Great pictures and commentary. I felt like we were there with you.

Love the carseat!!

groovyoldlady said...

Great pics! Thaks for sharing them with us. We just spent four days on Mount Desert island in Maine. It was fabulously gorgeous!

God made beauty in every corner, eh?