Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sandpoint, here we come... MAYBE!

Gosh, it's kind of difficult to get back into the blogging swing of things after a break! I will be posting a few of our vacation photos tomorrow. For now, let me just say that North Idaho is a special place. Well, only if you like mountains, rolling farmland, meadows, lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, and trees. If you're an urbanite, it might not be your cup of tea!

I was praying about a potential move to Sandpoint while driving around the Lake and I felt like God was telling me that I need to put my husband and child first, before myself, as I consider our options. Then I was reminded of my husband's journey toward God. Penn was raised in the Catholic church and attended Parochial school. It wasn't really his thing, and he often butted heads with his theology teacher. When he graduated, he didn't have much interest in "church things." Faithwise, he was agnostic at that point. What really changed his direction was a summer spent in Montana, about nine years ago. He was so overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the place, and the quiet and solitude did a number on his soul. He was once alone on a wooded hilltop and he could just sense the prescence of the Lord. At that moment an eagle swooped down and almost flew right into him, it was so close. Those months marked the beginning of his walk with Christ.

So I tend to believe that a place like Sandpoint might be the best possible place for Penn. As for Nicknack, it's hard to say what his soul will respond to. But I couldn't help but imagine his childhood in North Idaho. Swimming, boating, canoeing, and waterskiing in the heat of summer. Hiking and camping. Skiing at Schweitzer and sledding in the winter. What a place to be a kid! A backyard summer camp, truly.

For now, we are fighting the urge to try to figure out how to move there, asap! I want to wait a while, pray about it, and try to discern what God thinks. I've prayed that if God wants us to move there he will open a door so that we know it's his will for us. We'll send Penn's resume to a couple of places that would be ideal employers. But we aren't going to knock ourselves out to "make this happen," unless we discern a clear signal from God. It's possible that this is somewhere we will get to be in the future, but not right this second. We are pretty certain that Penn needs to find a new job, but perhaps he'll take another jobs somewhere else for a few years. This would give us a chance to save more money, so his salary requirements wouldn't limit his Sandpoint job prospects as much. In the meantime, we could consider buying land and vacationing there every year. We are already planning to return for Christmas, because we want to check it out in the winter.

I looked at a lot of property in the area during the week. Of course, I fell in love with an acre that is about twice what I hoped we'd spend for five or ten acres! It is in a cute, year round neighborhood that is situated in a small meadow area, a few minutes from the more rugged forests and hills. The lot is on a small, quiet bay with sandy shores, that connects to the bigger (45 or 50 mile long) lake. So it's the perfect place for a little dock and a great spot for swimming or canoeing over to one of the sandbars and having a hot dog roast. But you could also take your boat and enjoy the big lake activities. The location is ideal - very easy year round access (because it gets snowy all winter and some roads aren't maintained) and the most convenient area for visitors and trips to the airport in Spokane.

The nice thing is that the area is recovering from a real estate boom a few years ago. Things skyrocketed as new people flooded into the area, and prices and builders got ahead of themselves. So now there is a glut of avaiable land and buyers don't have to move very quickly. There are three lots available on the lane I love, so I sould have months and months to see what happens.

I have a hard time not running away with myself. I tend to get very excited about things and attached to my own ideas. I've already been looking at houseplans that would be perfect for the particular lots I liked so much. I'm just dreaming, right now. But sometimes my dreams get me in trouble. I hyperfocus and obsess. And I get wrapped up in my plans and don't leave myself time or room to wait on God and His plans. So I need to check myself, already.

PS! Still giddy over my newfound freedom from food! Woo hoo!


The Small Scribbler said...

As a former Catholic I appreciated your description of Penn's journey to Christ. I am amazed at how God draws each of us to Him in unique ways. How awesome that you are experiencing victory over food! Glad to have you back at your blog.


Alana said...

Your wise to pray for God's leading. His scenario is always so perfect and makes much more sense than anything we can come up with ourselves. Can't wait to hear and see more about your trip!

Janelle said...

Kitty, it sounds so amazing. I am excited for your possiblities. It would be a great place to raise your family. Also sounds like a perfect place for Alana and I to come for a visit to see your beautiful new house! :)

JennaG said...

We used to live in Spokane (3 years). It is wonderful up there--like living on top of the world, I used to think. People in Spokane used to talk about Sandpoint--it's not too far. Thanks for your prayers for A. B. just called and said the doctor would be in shortly. We should know something soon.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I know how tough it is to not run ahead of yourself...particularly when you sense God is leading in a certain direction. Unfortunately, I tend to do that in everything & God is trying to develop patience in my spirit!

Sounds like a wonderful place, though...and I can certainly see why you're so excited! I pray the Lord will make His will clear to you & Penn, and that you will have peace in whatever decision He makes.

Congrats on the food victory, friend!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh I do the SAME thing. I get it all mapped out in my mind and then I almost feel like it's already decided.

God usually has to whack me upside of the head to remind me that it's HIS plans that matter and will be for our best, not mine.

You are wise to realize that before you get too carried away. He will open the doors in the right place at the right time.

However, sending out resume's and even looking at properties may also be wise. That gives HIM plenty of doors to close or open so the way is clear!

Robin said...

Isn't it exciting to know that God ALREADY knows where you are going to live! I'm sure He will be filling you in soon.

I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation. It sure sounds like it was restful and refreshing.
Welcome back to the blog world!

Debra said...

Sounds like fun, fun times...

connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad you are home and back in blogland :)
It sounds like a wonderful vacation. My husband and I often want to move to where ever we visit. WE came so close one year to moving to CAlifornia - I am so glad we did not move there!!
God definitely but a stop to that idea so He will lead you where you need to go :)
God bless,

Breathing His Joy said...

I never knew Idaho was so beautiful! Praying for the decision!

PS - we are heading to Seattle in July! Any must sees? :)


Killlashandra said...

How odd that you are looking at Sandpoint. I lived, briefly, in a rented condo right off Sandpoint Way across from the park back in 2001 I believe. I used to work for University of Washington. It is a lovely area. I hope you find something there that will work for you. I found the neighborhodd very peaceful.

I also used to live in West Seattle. And depending on where you are enjoyed that too. Lincoln Park is amazing just about year round.