Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Stuff

Oops. It looks like I published a draft version of my last post. I'm sure I had edited it to be much more witty and entertaining. Plus I know I added at least a couple of paragraphs. Obviously not anything terribly important, as I only remember one thing that wasn't included in the published post.

Which is...

Nicholas is short! 5th percentile, in fact. When our new and wonderful Pediatrician told us that I couldn't believe it.

"50th?" I clarified?
"No, fifth."
"Fifteenth?" Penn asked?
"No, fifth... FIVE"

It's surprising because Penn is almost 6'5!

There are apparently two ways to guesstimate one's adult height at this age. The first is to double the age two height. Which would make Nicknack, as a grown man, 5'4. Hmm. That just doesn't seem possible. No males on either side of our family are that height. That's shorter than ME! Plus he is taller than both of his friends, which would mean that both children, each a couple of months older than Nicknack, would be 5'2 grown ups. What are the odds of us all having such little offspring when we are all of average or taller height?

The other way to predict height is to add five inches to the mother's height (I guess I'd be a 5'10 male) and average that with the father's. Which would put Nicknack in the 6'1-6'2 range.

I obviously don't care how tall Nicknack is or will be. But I'm pretty sure most men wouldn't choose to be 5'4. And yet I hope he isn't as tall as his dad, because he's darn hard to buy clothes for.

For example, a few weekends ago we went to my parents' for the weekend and I forgot to pack any pants for Penn. Just shorts (it's usually blazing in Ellensburg this time of year), but it became increasingly windy and sprinkly. I can tell you that their good-sized Fred Meyer did not contain a SINGLE pair of jeans or pants that were 34s (Penn's length), even in the Big and Tall section. I know this because my mother and I checked each and every pair of pants in the place. Literally. They should just call the Big and Tall section the Big section because the pants get larger and larger around the waist, but not any longer!

Thank heavens for Land's End, which has lots of nice, well-made, basic, classic, inexpensive "big and tall" clothes. And it's so convenient to order everything online, have it delivered to our door, and we are able to make returns at Sears.

I just hate shopping in person. I know, that's unusual for a woman. I truly detest going to the mall. I only go about twice a year and we live in a good-sized city, full of great malls. I am rarely invited to go shopping with female friends and relatives because a)I usually decline and b)I'm not fun to shop with. After about three stores I'm so bored my eyes start to glaze over and I have a difficult time not acting impatient because I'm so ready to go. I especially hate waiting while people try things on in the dressing room. Just those last two words make me want to run screaming.

The exception is shopping for Nicknack's clothing at the outlet mall. I love doing that, but Penn I have a very efficient system and breeze through the stores at a breakneck speed. I know exactly what style I like, what colors looks nicest on Nicknack, what he'll get the most use of of, and what brands fit him best. And best of all, no one has to try on a thing. It's beautiful.

Speaking of shopping, this year I started visiting the consignment stores in our area, and even the big used stores like Value Village and Goodwill. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have stepped foot in such places. I would have been embarassed and also kind of grossed out at the thought of putting Nicknack in clothing previously worn by random strangers.

But this is something that is quite socially acceptable in our neck of the woods. We live in an older inner-ring suburb between two of the fancier Seattle zipcodes. Our church happens to be located in one of these nicer areas and so most of the women in my Bible study have homes two or three times larger than our modest late fifties ranch.

So imagine my surprise one day when one of my Bible study ladies called to tell me that such-and-such consignment store was having a huge sale and everything one could fit in a bag was only a dollar!

I was so taken off guard. My first thought was "maybe she thinks we're poor!?" But no, she would have to be in the store herself to know about this sale, right?

Then a few weeks later several of the women in my group were standing by their monstrously large and tricked out SUVs, discussing the best day to shop at Goodwill. Okaaay.

Finally one day my friend and I were having coffee and she asked me if I wanted to stop at Value Village on the way home. I really did not, but I didn't want to be rude.

So I went with her and I was shocked to find a whole bunch of great stuff for Nicknack. Ralph Lauren, Janie and Jack, Lacoste, J Crew Crewcuts, etc. Plus all of our standby brands like Gap, Carters, and Osh Kosh. I seriously have his Christmas photo outfits put away for the next few years.

So since then I've been back a few times and it's kind of fun! I can fill a bag with dozens of things for the price of one of the items new.

Heaven help us if this baby is a girl. We are going to take a big financial hit. They just make the most darling little girl clothing and I know I won't be able to control myself. But I guess as long as I stick with the outlet mall and the consignments stores I won't be able to do too much damage.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. Two

Well, it's official. Nicknack is two.

The weirdest thing happened. He must have received some kind of secret memo, because he woke up on the morning of his birthday and started acting... well, two. And everyday since.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? 729 days old and he is pretty much easy. Day 730 rolls around and all of a sudden he's "difficult."

This morning I ordered a time-out mat, like the one I noticed on Jon & Kate Plus Eight (that show is my new obsession, by the way).

May I please take a moment to do something I never do? I would like to complain about the weather. Usually, when other people have unkind things to say about Seattle's weather, I stick up for her. For one thing, it's not usually that bad. Drizzly all fall and winter and pretty much perfect all summer. Except this year has been terrible. I think we have literally had three days of actual sunshine all year. Yesterday I could actually see my breath outside. It's JUNE!

Dear God,
As you know, you have blessed me with an extremely active little man who loves to be outside running amuck and making a mess. He's been spending a lot of time indoors lately, running amuck and making a mess. Multiple messes. Constant messes. So many messes. Please, please, please send summer. I would settle for 65 degrees and partly cloudy at this point. But I would be so, so grateful for a little sunshine. You know, short sleeved weather? Maybe even shorts weather? I would love to set up his sand/water table and kiddie pool and watch him frolick in the sprinkler. I promise to slather him (and myself) with sunscreen.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I have nothing else to report. Thank heavens there is another baby in the works, so Penn and I didn't have to make fools of our selves blubbering over Nicknack's milestone birthday. Knowing we get to do it again helps us to let go a little and enjoy Nicknack's