Thursday, June 7, 2007


This Just In!

For the second night in a row, I made dinner! Actual hot dinner, using things like a salad spinner and the food processor! Yay, me!

This Just In!

For the second night in a row, I burned said dinner! Boo, me!

Yesterday I forgot I had sesame oil heating in a pan (for shrimp salad) and set off the smoke alarm. And made a mess in the process. Today, I failed to remember the Orecchiette casserole in the oven, which is now a dark, dark brown.

No WONDER those Homemaker of the Year people haven't been calling.

When am I going to get some sense? Or at least a timer!

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Oh well. As Anne Shirley says, tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it. And at least a mouse didn't drown in my plum pudding sauce.

Good night, Eileen!


Alana said...

Okay, I had to google Orechhiette. That is one pasta I've never heard of.

Third times a charm?

Lisa said...

Well girlfriend, Kudos to you for at least trying. My Granny would have said that you get an "A" for the effort. My poor family has been living on take out all week (due to VBS) Actually, I think my husband had a can of spaghetti-o's last night. The kids had a happy meal. I'm just not equipped to multi-task during VBS week.

I've never heard of Orechhiette either - must not be available here in the South. But, I would love to try the recipe sometime.

Shelly said...

LOL! You CRACK me up!

I give props to you. At least you tried. I am leaving now to go meet a friend at Panera ;)

My poor future husband!

Susan said...

At least you're trying! I burnt the pancakes I made for youngest son and I tonight...choc chip pancakes aren't that tasty when they are burnt!

Abby said...

haha your cooking skills sound about like mine...only i'm not really doing anything about mine! lol...

sorry it took me so long to get back to you from your comment on my's been a crazy few weeks! i took the pictures on my blog when my hair was fixed for my last a capella concert of my college career. and i did it with (are you ready for this...) a mary-kate and ashley curling iron! HAHA. i swear by that thing for all special events..concerts, weddings, formals, you name it-- mk & ash are on the road with me :)

hope you're having a great day!

groovyoldlady said...

No, no Darling. Food is never "burnt", Rather, call it "Blackened, Cajun style".

This even works with grilled cheese. (Trust me!)