Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Career Aptitude Assessment

I've been thinking about the careers for which Nicholas might be well suited, based on his first year of life. Here is what I have come up with, so far:

1. Food critic. Either he has his father's sophisticated palate or his mother's extreme pickiness.

2. Drummer. I can just imagine the bongo solos.

3. Worship leader. He loves to bang on the piano. And every fifteen seconds he pauses and turns around to ensure that his audience is paying attention and clapping along.

4. Veterinarian. Game warden. Dog groomer. Something to do with animals. He is obsessed.

5. One of those "Geek Squad" guys. If it has buttons, he wants to mess with it.

6. Librarian. He's quite the bookworm.

7. Explorer of dangerous and forbidden lands. Bonus points if climbing is involved.

8. Cheerleader. Based on all the bouncing, clapping, headstands, and love of the word "Yay!" (Don't worry, son. Presidents Bush, FDR, and Ike were cheerleaders and it didn't have an adverse affect on their employment opportunities.)

9. Dentist. He likes to look at and tap on other people's teeth.

10. Police officer or car thief. He loves to chase. But he especially love to be chased.

So, as you can see, even at a young age, he has a lot of options.


MyBestInvest said...

Funny stuff!

Lisa said...

This is too cute. Beware, gymnast, stunt man and herpatologist are future possibilities, also.
Just a word - from the mother of a son to another - as he grows, always, always check his pockets. You'll thank me later. LOL

PEI Girl said...

thank you Kitty the dishcloth is knitted I am teaching myself how to crochet so far just a giant granny square,today it was just beautiful here 31 degrees celsius,how wonderful is that! hope you have an awesome day Kitty:0)

Leslie said...

About the dentist one...it reminded me of that scene in Little Shop of Horrors when Steve Martin's character, Orin Scrivello, sings about how his mother always knew he'd be a dentist because he enjoyed causing pain. I think Steve Martin is just hilarious in that scene.

Alana said...

I have a food critic in training as well...sure makes it hard on the chef (aka Mommy), doesn't it?

groovyoldlady said...

What a creative idea!

I'd say my girls may be musicians, writers, homemakers, animal trainers, actresses, or artists. Heck, maybe they'll be crazy like me and try to do it all!