Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Fun!

I have only one more final and then I am free for the summer!

Except for the fact that I couldn't help myself and signed up for one teensy tiny Economics course. But it should only take an hour or two a day to keep on top of it.

The rest of the summer I am committed to:

a) getting our house in order!

I'm just dying to see it returned to the "way we were" before Nicknack started crawling! In fact, just last night we watched the video of his first attempts at crawling (not until eight months!) and I couldn't help but notice how nice the house looked. The DVDs on the bookcase shelves were still in alphabetical order. The windows were fingerprint-free. There was not a single crumb of anything, anywhere. Yesterday, as Penn attempted to vacuum up some cookie goo he remarked, "Whoever said 'that's the way the cookie crumbles' has never known a toddler. It's more like 'that's the way the cookie smears and adheres!'" So true. Those teething biscuits are like paste!

We do a pretty good job keeping on top of the appearance of the house. The surface layer. You know, the daily book and toy roundup, highchair hose down, and crumb patrol? But attention to detail has been pretty hit or miss. Mostly miss.

b) having fun!

Which means plenty of time in the backyard and lots of walks down to the beach and park. I have a whole new appreciation for warm weather, now that I have an energetic little one.

I intend to keep my nose in a book (a fiction book, and thanks for your suggestions!) as much as possible and see as many movies as I can. I'm especially excited about Harry Potter and Nancy Drew! Because I'm a big nerd. And I'm okay with that. Really, what's so great about being cool?

I'm also planning many visits to and from my mother and stepdad (who live about two hours away). So add playing cards, watching DVDs, chatting, and eating mother's cooking to the list.

So those are the two things I'm devoting myself to this summer.

Of course, in case you're wondering, being devoted to God goes without saying. I'm not adding Him to my summer "to do" list. He's year round.

Tomorrow is my final. Friday I'm packing and doing last minute errands. Saturday we have a graduation party to attend and we must get the house "vacation ready" (which means extra pleasant to come home to). Sunday we pick up Penn's parents and head to Sandpoint, Idaho (about 360 miles away), where we've rented a lakeside cabin for the week.

Let me reiterate. I am voluntarily vacationing with my in-laws. Who are 80 and 88, respectively. And we're all traveling together, in a rented minivan. Gosh, my life is glamorous! Actually, it was my idea. Because, contrary to what you might have heard, I'm not the worst daughter-in-law in the world.

In truth, I am so excited! Mostly about renting a minivan (because we'll be purchasing one sometime in the future) and the organizational challenges of the trip. I get to make lists! I get to pack! I get to shop! I get to figure out how to make everything fit in the van, in the most efficient and asthetically pleasing way possible! I get to create our trip itinerary and navigate! I get to plan all the meals and activities!

I hope you don't think I'm being sarcastic. I really do love this kind of stuff. This (project coordination) is what I used to do for a living, before landing my dream job as a SAHM.

I'm also excited about the next couple of weeks because Penn needs a holiday. He used last year's vacation weeks as extra paternity leave. So it's been a long time since he has had extended time off for something fun. Over the past few months I've noticed his attitude becoming a little raincloud-y and I think two work-free weeks are just what the Great Physician ordered.

When we return from Idaho Penn has another week at home. We're going to alternate activity days with "stay-at-home-and-be-lazy" days. Activity days will be short drives or ferry trips to recreational attractions or small, picturesque towns. Lazy days will be just that. Lazy!

So now you know what we three will be up to this summer. I won't be posting much during Penn's vacation days. If you're looking for good reads, check out some of my favorite blogs (listed on my blogroll, on the right side of my page).

"Talk" to you soon!


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I'll miss reading your blog while you're gone.

I, too, need to do some under-the-surface cleaning. I think it goes hand-in-hand with parenting!

ginny said...

My that sounds wonderful! Have a great time and relax.

We're back from vacation, so I'll be starting my deep-cleaning, which my house needs so badly.

Alana said...

I forgot about the teething biscuits...what a pain!

I like your idea about alternating lazy/activity days. My husband is off during the summer (he's a college professor) so we sometimes have a hard time figuring out the routine in the summer.

Alana said...

Oh, my goodness. I just read your post about the cake. What a great one! Are you sure your mother in law and mine aren't twins separated at birth?

Lisa said...

Have a wonderful vacation - I hear Idaho is beautiful.

I'm in the midst of deep cleaning my house. Believe me when I say - it's a never ending job with kids in the house - or husbands for that matter.
But you know what - I would much rather have the blessings of the kids than have a spotless house. The house can still be cleaned when the kids are all grown up. Enjoy all those little messes - they won't last forever.
And, take lots of pictures on vacation - I'd love to see the lake.
Blessings for a safe trip.

Janelle said...

Laugh out loud reading your "housecleaning" part. My husband and I call that
'faux clean". We have been known to stick stuff in the oven and forget about it. Nothing melts quicker than Tupperware in a hot oven. Ahhh, brings back memories. I have no idea what my house looked like before the mess monsters arrived.

Have a great vacation! Can't wait for the updates.

Robin said...

I love how you have your summer all planned out - organization is a gift!
I hope you have a fabulous vacation - it sounds like so much fun! I hope you are able to check in from time to time during your lazy, sun-filled days!

pei girl said...

have a wonderful vacation kitty and I must agree with Lisa about the house and children I so look forward when my grands come and visit,they make my heart sing.have an awesome day :0)

Susan said...

I'll miss reading your blog while you are on va-ca. But have a great time. I, too, have vaca'ed with the in-laws...some great experiences some not-so-great. But as they are getting older, they are less inclined to vacation and more inclined to just have us visit. I'll continue praying about your big move!

Shelly said...

So glad you're getting a break! (I had to crack up at one point, b/c I TOO alphabetize my DVD's! It is so good to find another sister who does! lol)

And I know you'll be glad when finals are done! Talk about a burden being lifted!!

Gretchen said...

Have a great vaca! I just hopped over from Kelli's to thank you for the wonderful summer salad recipe. Yum!

Gledwood said...

Well congratulations on finishing your exams. Aren't they horrible. Well I hated doing mine. I'm so glad that period of life is over ...
Anyway I hopped in here at total random via various friends of friends ... Just thought I'd say hi while I'm here ... I'm at gledwood2.blogspot you're welcome to drop by any time .... See you there hopefully -
all the best
"vol 2" ...