Monday, January 28, 2008

Random MeMe

I thought this was a nice meme:

Tomorrow: is Tuesday. Very uneventful, like most of our days. We'll probably just go to the library.

Feeling: Lethargic, for no apparent reason.

Happy Because: my 20 month old FINALLY says "mama" as of last week. Woo! Hoo!

Today I: will not act cross about my son's latest favorite activity, bonking our heads together to hear me say, "Ouch!" He thinks it is a super fun game. This morning he headbonked me and split my lip. Not. cute. But I will react with loving patience, even though that isn't how I feel!

Laundry: is not my best subject. My husband usually ends up doing most of it, sending me into a shame cycle.

Something I know: Being someone's mommy is the world's greatest job! Family housekeeper? Not so much.

Something I don't know: For whom to vote in the presidential election.

Currently reading: Discipline of a Godly Woman, by Barbara Hughes

Wanting: Another baby. Who comes with a maid.

Favorite gadget: Don't really have one.

Thankful that: My husband is a good egg.

Wondering why: kids like kid food (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, those wretched cheese-flavored crackers)... ick!


MyBestInvest said...

I haven't discovered the "shame cycle" on our washer or dryer. I may have to pull out the manual and see what that's all about.

Disciplines of a Godly Man, the companion to the book you're reading, is one of the best and most challenging books I've read. It's probably time for me to read it again.

Alana said...

Shame cycle. That's a good one!

Janelle said...

OUCH! I hope your lip feels better. How is that loving patience going? I am needing to work on that myself.

Love your list!

Robin said...

I'm so happy with you that your little one is finally saying your name! Mama has got to be the most beautiful name on all the earth!

Unless it is "Mia" my chosen grandma name! We are going to be "Papa and Mia" to our grandbabies!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh the head bonking why do kids like that game?! :)
I also do not like laundry and I usually procrastinate until I either have 20 loads to fold or until hubby does it :)
I know that is really awful but it is not my thing oh and I do not like to cook either so talk about guilt trip :)
I told my hubby I thought being a mommy was full of fun times, laughter, and games not all this work nonsense LOL!!
Oh and check out Boomama's post about cheese flavored crackers - she cracks me up!!
And thank you for the kind words :)
Love ya