Friday, January 11, 2008


Hey, guess what?

Nicknack seems to have forgotten that he knows how to get out of his crib. He's quit escaping, cold turkey. We've set up a sort of landing pad by his crib (using Euro Pillows) just in case. But it looks like we won't have to deal with this issue right this second, so we're doing the happy dance around here.

Also, we remembered (duh!) that N's crib is one of those convertible types, so when the time comes we'll just convert it to a toddler bed and add a bed rail. It's been so long since my mother purchased the crib for us that I'd completely forgotten about that handy dandy feature.

Thank you all for your comments regarding my Pediatrician complaints. I have the name of someone two of my Bible study/small group ladies recommend. So I'm going to call asap to make an appointment to discuss eating/swallowing.

Now on to something really important...



That's the totally orinthologically accurate seahawk-like shriek Penn and I make, which we are teaching Nicknack. He does know to throw his arms up to make the touchdown sign and say "Woo Hoo!" when Mama and Dad jump up and hoot and holler and yell "Touch Down!"

We'll teach him about the other important duties of a football spectator when he's older. Like saying "Plack-e-mei-errrr!" in just this certain school-principle tone of voice, whenever the announcer says his name. And saying "Josh Scobie kicking to Josh Scobie." Because that happened once, three seasons ago. Or chanting, "no flag no flag no flag," when you're hoping the officials won't throw one. And always demanding that the team "go for it!!" on 4th and 1, even when they probably shouldn't. And never ever booing anyone, especially someone on your own team. (I didn't know people actually did that until I attended a home game that we lost.)

Since we have to teach him about good sportsmanship I guess we'll have to stop hexing the other team. This is when we wiggle our spirit fingers in whatever direction the game is being played and say, "hex, hex, hex" during their field goal attempts, etc. I don't mean to brag, but I have a startlingly good record when it comes to hexes AND willing a fumble or interception to happen. In fact, during the Wild Card game against the Redskins I totally called so many things it was freakish. Maybe Coach Holmgren has our living room bugged and I'm some sort of Seahawks secret weapon or something.

So I will be extremely busy tomorrow. And all weekend. Don't you just love the playoffs? It's so neat to be able to watch four games in one weekend and not feel guilty about wasting the weekend in front of the television watching football. You have to, because it's the playoffs!

At least Green Bay is our second-favorite team. It's always nice to play against someone to whom you wouldn't mind losing. Well. Wouldn't mind THAT much.

Good luck to your team, if they are playing this weekend. Unless you are rooting for Green Bay, in which case... Good luck next season, okay?

PS I feel compelled to tell you that we have become very good about muting all the commercials, so that Nicknack (at least for the time being) ignores the ads, which are full of beer and b00bs. At the end of the game Penn always says something like, "Now let's go buy a new truck!" because truck commercials are so prevalent. We aren't sure how to handle this in future. We could just DVR the game and fast forward through the commercials, like we do on the Sundays when the game is scheduled at the same time as church. But that really gets in the way of all our hexing and other forms of assistance that we give our team. It's a real dilemma.


Janelle said...

I am glad you are switching doctors. I hope you find one that really listens to you! Ultimately I hope nothing is wrong with Nicknack, but peace of mind is so reassuring.

I hate TV commercials during sports. Too much yucky stuff.

MyBestInvest said...

It's almost cartoonish how cliched and stereotypical the commercials are. They clearly think that the only people watching are the lowest common denominator - which we are not.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Alana said...

So glad he decided not to be an escape artist yet. You'll enjoy having him in the crib for longer...and the convertible crib will be a great transition when the time comes!!

The Small Scribbler said...

Laughing at the hexing. I'm sure you do make a difference to the Seahawks. Maybe you could video tape a commercial of you teaching the finer points of football to Nicknack and submit it. I'd watch it.