Tuesday, January 8, 2008

May I vent?

We're on day five with a poor, sick little guy.

We took him to the Pediatrician yesterday. If we hadn't been able to get him in early in the morning, I was considering a trip to the hospital. He was so lethargic, feverish, and miserable. Leave it to me to overreact. According to the Pediatrician, he just has a cold.

This visit confirmed our conviction that we need to find a new Pediatrician. We've been trying to speak with Nicknack's doctor about what we perceive to be an eating/swallowing issues. As in, he chews up and spits out most food and only swallows a few bites a day, and only things that are mushy. As an infant he went through several months of dysphagia, and we had to give up nursing and thicken expressed milk, and eventually formula. Our Pediatrician pretty much dismissed our concerns with those feeding issues because Nicknack continued to gain weight. Of course, he wasn't in our home, in the middle of the night, as our baby cried from hunger but was unable to eat. It was the most stressful time of our lives and he was absolutely no help.

So we weren't surprised when he dismissed our current concerns about Nicknack's swallowing problem when he started eating textured foods. At his nine month appointment. Twelve month. 18 month. As long as he gained weight from appointment to appointment, there was no need to be concerned, he told us.

Well, yesterday we were shocked when the nurse weighed N and the scale read 24 pounds. At his 18 month appointment six weeks ago he'd weighed more than 26 pounds.

The doctors response? The scale was probably just off. No need to check. He was sure Nicknack was fine. We reminded him about N's eating issues. No problem. Toddlers are very picky. No, he isn't picky. He'll taste anything - broccoli, whatever. He chews and chews and chews and then spits it out. Both church nursery workers have seperately asked us about it because they've noticed he can't swallow the little animal cracker cookies they give out at snack time. He just chews and chews and chews.

Also, he has never learned to drink out of his sippy cup sitting up. He lays on the floor to drink it. Perhaps this has something to do with the gag/swallow issues he had as an infant, with his bottles?

"I'm sure he'll outgrow it. It's probably nothing. There's no reason to worry."

Which really seems to sum up his philosophy of Pediatrics. No matter what concern we share, what symptom he has, what question we ask. "I'm sure it's fine/okay/normal."

And maybe it is. But I would just appreciate a little more concern. Some follow up questions. A sense that these appointments aren't a total waste of time.



Janelle & Ella said...

Yes, without a doubt, I would change doctors. I am so sorry you having to deal with that. I know you must be so worried.

Janelle said...

Change doctors, NOW!!

He is not helping you. You have the sense that God gave parents to know whether something is not right. Call around to some girlfriends and get referrals. ASAP!!

Profbaugh said...

Okay, I have three children now in their teens. I can't even begin to tell you what we've gone through with them when they were little. Suffice it to say, we've been to Children's hospital more times than I can count.

My advice is to find another doctor. Run to another doctor. There's a better match out there and he/she will listen to you. You are Nicknack's Mom and believe me you need to trust your intuition!!

In the meantime, know that I'm praying for all three of you right now, but especially for you baby boy.

Much love,

Alana said...

I agree, even if it is nothing, there should be some more investigation. Get a second opinion.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So frustrating. I would change doctors too. Glad this visit confirmed it for you.

Susan said...

Definitely change doctors. We switched medical insurance at one point because The Man switched jobs. We had no choice where we went. I didn't care for me. But I was NOT happy at all with the care our children were receiving (or rather not receiving). And apparently no one else in the company liked it either. That insurance company was dropped, thankfully, but I will never forget how trapped I felt. I'm glad you are able to change. Change quick!

Prairie Rose said...

Actually, a speech therapist and/or occupational therapist is the professional you need for this problem. Looks like for your state, you call 1-800-322-2588 to refer him for an evaluation for the early intervention program. They should link you up with the person or agency in charge for your area who will then find out your concerns and let you know how the program works in your state, and get him evaluated to see if he qualifies for services. I don't know how it works in your state; many states offer the services to eligible children at no charge at all, and some states have small family participation fees attached or will bill insurance. I think evaluations are always free.

ginny said...

Catching up on your blog...This is terrible! I would absolutely find someone else. We had to deal with "no choice" in pediatricians when Addi was a baby (because Bryan was in the military), but since then, I have been picky about them. I think it is harder to be picky with your first one because you are always questioning your instincts and the doctor is supposed to have all the answers, right? A doctor who does not respect your opinion, doesn't deserve to treat your child. We've just had a bad experience with our new pediatrician and I've already sought recomendations for a new one.