Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Prison Break

A couple of days ago I put Nicknack down for his nap in his crib. A few minutes later we heard him crying, in the hall. WHAT?!

We checked the crib. The rail was up. The small bookcase next to the crib was undisturbed. There was nothing inside his crib to climb up on.

"I guess he can climb out of his crib! Maybe it was just a fluke?" We couldn't believe it!

Penn stayed to rock N while I made a quick call to my mother.

Several minutes later Penn came out and quietly asked me to hang up. I assumed he wanted my help with Nicknack - maybe he'd thrown up or P needed help giving him a dose of medicine.

But he handed me the cell phone and said in a low voice, "We're checking the house for intruders."

"WHAT?! WHY?!"


With trembling hands I dialed 9-1-1 and had my finger at the ready to press the send button. On both the cordless and cell phone. Just to be doubly ready. Then I followed him down the hall to Nicknack's door.

Penn conducted a thorough search beginning with both of Nicknack's closets, then our bathroom, closet, and bedroom, then the hall bath, guest room, study room, powder room, laundry room, and garage. I never realized how closets we have in this house until we searched each one as my heart pounded.

The whole time I was thinking, "Penn must have heard someone talking or a very distinctive noise. He must have some reason to be very certain someone is in the house." Penn is not the paranoid, anxious type. I am!

I'm always hearing noises and asking "What was THAT!?" I'm scared of the dark. I can't sleep alone. Each night I drill Penn about every access point to our home.

Is the back door locked?


Even the deadbolt?


How about the front door? Did you lock both locks?


Is the alarm set?


Is the alley (garage) door double locked? And Is the lawnmower pushed in front of the door?

Yes and yes.

Did you open any windows today, and, if so, did you close and double bolt them?

The windows are fine, honey.

Sometimes even when he's answered all these questions in the affirmative I still have to check myself.

Penn is is usually very patient and puts up with my tendency to worry. But he never participates. So I was certain that he wouldn't go through all this without some good reason to think it necessary.

Finally, when the house was thoroughly searched and every door and window was checked, I put down the phone. Maybe he'd heard someone in the alley (side yard) between our house and the neighbors.

"There is just NO WAY he got out of that crib all by himself!"

I let out the longest sigh in the world and then started laughing. "Honey, sometimes toddlers figure out how to crawl out of their cribs! It's very common!"

"It IS?"


He says he was just sitting there, rocking Nicknack, when he started looking around the room and thinking about it. How could he have gotten out? Nothing in the room showed any sign of him climbing or falling out. It was then got a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and convinced himself that someone had taken Nicknack out of his crib.

I just think it's so funny that my husband, of all people, would have such a silly and illogical thought. Never mind the fact that he almost gave me a heart attack!

As he likes to point out, he's new at this.

And, just in case you are wondering, I have now witnessed our son climb out of his crib several times. So it 100% for certain, was not an afternoon cat burglar who specializes in removing children from their beds, leaving them in their hallways, then hiding.

So now we are stuck with the age-old question. Mattress on the floor or one of those crib tent things?

It took me over two hours to get him down for his nap on his temporary bed today, so I'm considering the tent solution.

What do you think? How did you handle the crib to bed transition? And how old were they? Nicknack is about 19 months.


Janelle & Ella said...

Wow! He is so strong and smart to already be climbing out of his crib. I have no idea what to do, but I was very intrigued about your story and I will love to read the advice you get since we will probably be dealing with that soon.

Lisa said...

Goodness! What a scary afternoon!! Praise the Lord it was just imagination!!
I wish I had some really great advice to give you - all I have is my own experience. My son was about Nicknack's age when we moved him out of his crib. He wouldn't stay in it and we felt as if it was too dangerous to leave him there. We were afraid he would get out during the night and fall down the steps or get into something. So, we invested in some bed rails for his twin bed. They have been so handy. Even after Jacob was too big for them, we've used them for nieces and nephews when they come to visit. The great thing about the bed rails is they fold down out of sight during the day. Jacob loved being a "big boy" in his "big boy bed."
Good luck and blessings!

Janelle said...

Oh, Kitty! You really had me going. I found myself praying that no one was in the house!

Great story.

I don't really have a solution to the crib problem. Thankfully, we missed that part of toddlerhood with both of mine. I hope you figure out a good solution!

Anonymous said...

I hope the next time you seriously think someone is in your home, you will immediately LEAVE your home, with your child, and call the police and let THEM check your house. It's not at all safe to check the house yourselves. When in doubt, get out.

Susan said...

Our oldest was not so adventurous. Our girl...she was walking at 9 months and climbing out of her crib around then. But once we told her no and put her back in...that was all it took! She much preferred sitting in her crib, singing and laughing and playing with her books or animals and waiting on me to come get her. She would sing a bit and then stop and listen to see if she could hear me. Then she'd sing some more. I can still picture the smile that broke out over her entire body when she would see me come in. Oh how I miss that! Our youngest...fell out of the crib around 15 months and there was never any holding him in after that. So we moved him to the "big boy" (toddler bed) and then he was fine. He knew he had to stay in his room. MAJOR baby proofed room, I might add!
My sister ended up putting a screen door on her girls' room to keep them, at least, in the room and safe. That was her pediatrician's suggestion. So, basically, you need to know your kid and figure out what works best for you and for him! Good luck! :)

connorcolesmom said...

I am laughing at you and Penn - cat burgular that takes kids out of their cribs and puts them in the hall - haha - too funny!
Ok seriously though both of my boys were in their crib until almost 3yrs old. My oldest never climbed out of his crib and made an easy transition to his twin bed. My youngest however was a diferent story. I would try the tent thing. I heard it works and it will give you many more months of peace b/c once they are in a bed - oh boy the constant getting up is so annoying!
Let us know what you decide :)

Alana said...

My oldest didn't climb out until he could do it skillfully, he never fell so we kept him in the crib until we were ready to put him in a big boy bed.

My youngest fell out the first time he tried climbing out, but never tried again. Even now that he is in a big boy bed he rarely gets out of it without us coming in to tell him it is okay.

You really had me going with the story as well...I was getting goosebumps reading it!