Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello? Poison Control?

Don't worry, I didn't really have to call Poison Control this evening. I was just thinking about what I would say to Poison Control, had I needed their assistance.

I was giving Nicknack his bath. He was still in the early stages of soaking and playing, when the bath is still fun for both of us. The moment the first sign of the rinse cup (just to get his hair wet, pre shampoo) rears its ugly head the bath is over - at least in his mind. He doesn't fuss or cry, he just stands up and starts trying to climb out, to escape. Repeatedly. It becomes pretty difficult to lather and rinse him properly (forget about the "repeat" step), but we've gotten the hang of it over the past few months.

I was tossing in various bath toys when I noticed Nicknack blowing bubbles. Only I hadn't put any bubble bath. Strange. Then I noticed this, in Nicknack's hands. And some dunderhead had left it not quite closed.

I had no way to determine how much he had consumed. He was making unhappy faces, coughing, and sputtering. But that could have been from all the lukewarm bath water I'd splashed into his mouth, while trying to rinse out the soap. I sat there for a minute reading the ingredients on the side of the bottle. Finally, I did the only thing that made sense. I poured a tablespoon of the body wash in my hand and drank it. I figured that if it started to burn my throat or caused it to swell I would have time to call for help. How I would explain to the Poison Control operator why I needed an ambulance for both of us, I don't exactly know.

It was truly horrid tasting and I'd clearly consumed a lot more than he had. By this time Nicknack was happily splashing away, the whole unpleasant incident all but forgotten. Meanwhile, I've made repeated trips to the sink to scrub my tongue with a washcloth. Apparently having my mouth washed out with soap would have been a highly effective punishment for me, had my mother needed it. Nicknack, on the other hand, has taken several bites out of our bathroom bar soap. Which Penn wants to somehow preserve because the teeth marks are so cute. But Penn also (seriously!) wants to replace Nicknack's beloved Taggie blanket so we can vacuum seal the original and forever capture Nicknack's baby smell. It does smell exactly like him. I think he smells like syrup. Penn says he smells like pineapple. We both agree it is a very sweet smell. I would almost go for the blanket preservation idea except for the fact that we would only get to open it once. Penn suggests we save it for an emergency. You know, like the day Nicknack heads off to college or gets married? I suppose we could just unseal it on special, extra sentimental occasions and then reseal it. Hmm. Maybe the idea is growing on me.

Anyhoo. Back to Nicknack's bath. It was a disaster. He also bonked his eye on the faucet and when he went to lay his head down to cry about his boo boo he stuck his face right in the water and inhaled. Poor baby.

Speaking of Poison Control, this evening I cooked the worst dinner I have ever made in my entire life. Which is saying a lot. As someone in my family used to say, "I've tasted worse... And you made it." Jokingly, of course. But in my case, it's appropriate. My cooking usually tends to be either quite good or quite terrible. This evening I tried to recreate something I've made a few times, Sesame Chicken/Tofu stir fry. I was out of sesame oil, so I just substituted olive oil. I didn't have any Thai noodles on hand, so I used Japanese. And I had some leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, which I used instead of a new breast. I don't know how to describe my creation. It was bland. It was oily. It was MUSH. Mostly, it was bizarre.

Let's put it this way. Penn took one bite and started laughing. That's right, laughing. For two solid minutes. It was so bad it really was comical. I'm making my mother's chicken pot pie recipe tomorrow night, in an effort to redeem myself.

I'm excited because my ladies Bible study small group is meeting for a picnic at the park tomorrow. We take the summer off from our study, so we hardly see each other. I am dying to catch up with the ladies and Nicknack will have fun at the park.

Talk to you soon!


The Small Scribbler said...

We really have had to call poison control for the kid who drank paint and the kid who ate a mouthful of chewable vitamins...It was all the same kid. I think now that she's seven she's stopped eating things that are not food.

Sounds like you and Nicknack had quite the evening. Hope that Chicken Pot pie is awesome!


Robin said...

The good news is you really do laugh about all this kind of stuff later!
I gave baths last weekend to two year old twins! What a fiasco - we were all completely drenched before it was over. Except of course, their hair was dry. They have an aversion to the rinse cup too. I finally just took a very wet wash rag and scrubbed their heads with it. Forget rinsing. Hey - I was just the babysitter!

Debra said...

I had to call poison control once. Colton and Carly had been playing with her sparkly nail polish when they thought it would be fun to put it in her eye...

not fun.

The Small Scribbler said...

Hey Kitty,

I have something to share with you at my blog. Stop by when you get a minute.


Lisa said...

All in the life of a Mom. This is one of those moments that you can use later "Hey, I drank soap for you." lol
I'm glad all turned out o.k. for both of you.

Janelle said...

I agree with Robin, I hope you are laughing! Great story as always.

Alana said...

The people at poison control are really very nice ;-) Not that I would know or anything.

Kim said...

And the good news is that little Nick won't have to worry about break-outs....on his tongue!

Suzi said...

I'm sorry but this was too funny! The part where you swallowed a mouthful of the soap struck me as hillarious! Glad the little guy is OK! I also love your preserving the blankie idea for an emergency!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OK, I'm doing some MAJOR catching up on your blog...and I LOVE the haircut. He looks super fly! So cute.

And I have the same pacifier philosophy. Naptime, bedtime, and yes, yes, yes...just in case all heck breaks lose. I'd be stupid not to carry one.

And I'm seriously thinking about vacuum sealing a blanket too...for the day Ava goes off to college. Genius idea.