Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby's First Fever

My baby is sick. He's had a few colds before but he's never really been sick. You know, fever and throw up sick? He's held out almost 14 months without catching a bug, even when Penn and I were super sick last fall. I knew it had to happen sometime and it is just as sad as I expected. Poor baby.

It started yesterday when he woke up a little bit on the cranky side. Both of his naps were short. Then as the afternoon progressed, I noticed he felt a little warm. Pretty soon he was downright hot. At 8pm the ralphing started. It was pitiful.

I felt so guilty for taking him to the mall (the mall!) yesterday, although he was strapped into his stroller the entire time so I don't know how he caught germs. Some lady did touch his feet (because he, of course, took off his shoes at the Apple store - did I mention I was there four times last week?). And then I bought some board books at our local consignment store because he's eaten half his books. So maybe those were germy?

Whatever the cause, I'm sure it is all my fault. But the worst part? I told him to "Stop!" (twice!) in my "I-mean-business" voice when he was shrieking in his high chair at lunchtime. Then it occured to me that he wasn't eating a bite and was cranky and had a short nap and hey! maybe he's sick. And strict Mom was out the door and "Oh-you-poor-sick-little-thing" Mama took over. It's a lot more fun to be indulgent and fawning, isn't it?

On the telephone this morning my mother reminded me of how quickly sick little ones adapt to their new lifestyles and expect the same treatment all the time, regardless of their wellbeing. This was after I told her that I was going to let him watch tv and have unlimited access to his gigi (pacifier) all the livelong day.

And I have. Even though she's right. Because if she was here in person to see his sick little self she would be the first person to coddle and cuddle him. In fact she was wishing she could come for a visit just to rock him. He's not the kind of little guy who normally will consent to be rocked. He's either too busy and wiggly or is ready for his crib. I think we all (especially me) were a little too careful to make sure he would become an independent sleeper. We didn't want him to turn out like my cousin's elementary school aged children who end up in her bed at night while her husband shares a bunkbed with their youngest! But to be honest, rarely does a night that goes by that I don't wish he was sleeping between us. Just because it would be our only chance to snuggle with him! Penn and I have discussed relaxing our sleep standards for the next baby.

Anyway, the silver lining to the sad sick cloud hanging over our home is Nicknack's clinginess. For the first time in months and months he'll lay his head on our shoulder and let us rock him. This morning he snuggled in bed with us while he watched his bff Eebee Baby. This afternoon he sat on my lap for thirty whole minutes doing nothing but eating Saltines and drinking Pedialite. This is just so unlike him. He usually has to be busy at all times. I didn't know some children like to be held (a lot) until I worked at the VBS nursery last week. Several little ones wanted to be held the entire time! I think we're going to keep having or adopting children until we get a cuddler. I'm kidding. Only, not really.

I don't think this bug that bit Nicknack is particularly harsh. He's still managed to make a bit of mischief today. He removed the floor vent grate, then dropped it on its side down the vent. I had to reach my hand way down into a cobweb to retrieve it. Eek! Later, while he sat on the bathroom counter so I could wash his face, he ate some soap. The teethprints in the bar are so cute! Also, he's thrown a half dozen mini tantrums over very little or even absolutely nothing.

I hope he'll be back to his old happy, well rested self very soon. In the meantime, I'm going to soak up the temporary Mama's Boy behavior while I can!


Alana said...

There is a part of me that kind of likes when they are sick (except the throwing up kind) because they are so quiet and cuddly).

Don't worry about breaking the rules when they are sick. I always do and we go right back to the normal rules when they feel better. It's okay!!

Hope sweet Knicknack feels better soon!

Shelly said...

You cuddle him as much as he lets you!!!

And I hope he feels better!

Janelle said...

I agree with Alana. They will be fine after they are sick. More than likely, they won't develop any lasting behavior problems. I think you need to do some extra spoiling...that's the only thing to look forward to while being sick. To this day, Skip's mom will still bring him a slushie when he is sick. TO THIS DAY!

Teri said...

Poor Nick! Sounds like you are handling it like a pro!

We (the kids named it that!) called the pacifer a gogo. How funny!

The Small Scribbler said...

For us it took FOUR tries to get a cuddler. I mean the kid is a human blanket.

I am so sorry the Nicknack is sick. There is nothing more pitiful than a sick to the stomach baby. It just breaks my heart.

Hope he is back to normal soon.