Saturday, July 21, 2007

38 Never Looked So Good...

Yesterday was my husband's 38th birthday. He was born the day man landed on the moon. Here is the list I sent him yesterday, which I have his permission to share:

Here are 38 things I love about you:

1. I love that you are big and strong.
2. I love your broad shoulders and back.
3. I love the way you think I am pretty and tell me so a LOT. I love that if you had your way I would never wear any clothing. I love how you tell me "nice nose!" because you know I'm sensitive about it.
4. I love that you are smart. And especially in ways that I'm not smart.
5. I love that you think I'm smart and could make a million dollars, if I was so inclined, as easy as pie.
6. I love that you work as hard as anyone I know. For our family.
7. I love you as a Dad. You couldn't be any better at it. Nicholas and I are so unbelievably lucky to have you.
8. I love that you are the other charter member of the Nicholas Lane fan club.
9. I love that you made me belly laugh twice this morning before I even rolled out of bed. And with a headache.
10. I love that you are an amazingly giving person and that you shower me with undeserved affection, attention, and backrubs. With no expectation of reciprocation.
11. I love that you are always sending money to some person or organization that needs it.
12. I love how good you are to your folks.
13. I love that you always make sure we have the right drinks for visitors and houseguests. Because you like to take care of everyone in your life.
14. I love your sense of humor and taste in comedies. "Nerds!" "It's a Walk Off." "Painful to the bitter end."
15. I love the way you say it best when you say nothing at all. You make the every day ordinary stuff fun.
16. I love how much you love God's creatures and creation. Mountains, lakes, hills, creeks, the coast, etc.
17. I love that you are the lead singer in Jeanines garage, with Bruce and Dylan.
18. I love that you are the baby of your family. It means you are a little bit hammy and constantly entertain me. I especially love your dances, songs, marches, etc.
19. I love your values and priorities.
20. I love that when I'm sad you always manage to cheer me up! It's a gift.
21. I love that you are a family man.
22. I love sitting beside you at church. I like hearing your voice when we sing. I love the times we've prayed together.
23. I love walking with you, holding hands or when you put your arm around me. Pals, but romantic.
24. I love your arms and legs - you could be a limb model. You also have beautiful hands and very nice feet, for a man.
25. I love that your face and body remind me of a Greek or Roman statue. You are a classic.
26. I love all our inside jokes, words, song, Daisy faces, etc.
27. I love that we don't bicker.
28. I love that I've known you for eight years and that those have been the happiest eight years of my life.
29. I love riding in Mossy with you and I like that you always drive. You are a good driver.
30. I love when we say, think, or dream the same thing at the same time. Or when I can read your mind and know what you are going to say.
31. I love that you have common sense and street smarts. I like that you could take care of us, in a survival situation.
32. I love how you have to read your paper every Sunday, after church. And that you watch all the boring channel. And the news.
33. I love that you care about politics and people and animals and the state of the world.
34. I love that the evil of the world gets you down. We are too gentle for this world. That's as it should be.
35. I love that you aren't a chauvinist. Or racist. That you don't hunt. But I also love that you aren't totally PC, either.
36. I love that you aren't a metrosexual. I like your manly ways. It would really bug me if you wanted an equal say in decorating or bought trendy clothes or started getting manicures. Men should be a little rough around the edges.
37. I love watching football with you and I love that you don't make me watch baseball or basketball or golf or bowling.
38. I love that the women in my family think you are the bee's knees because you are such a neat guy and treat me so well. They know you deserve a metal for putting up with me and letting me be myself.

38 never looked so good... I love you!


Kim said...

What a great day to be born! We share the same birthday :)

mandy said...

oh what a sweet post!
my favorite was #19... girl.... sounds like you have a great man!
thanks for sharing that with us... it makes me love mine more too.

pei girl said...

what a wonderful list you have made for your hubby,he sounds like a real keeper you both are blessed Nicknack has two very special parents wishing your hubby an awesome Birthday! (hugs from the Island)

Shelly said...

That was just precious...

Alana said...

Happy Birthday Penn!

Kitty, I loved the sweet words to your husband, I'm sure he did, too!!

Janelle said...

Amazing post! I am sure that made him walk a little taller today.

Happy Birthday!

PS...who made the cake? :)

connorcolesmom said...

I love that post to your husband. It truly means so much to our men when we dote on them. I need to remember not to take my handsome hubby for granted.
Oh and Happy B'day to your hubby :)

Rachel Anne said...

That was absolutely beautiful. If your man becomes a limb model, we'll have you to thank, for the encouragement. As long as he doesn't put his limbs into airtight containers for preservation, you're "in good hands!"

Sweet, sweet. Hope it was a happy one.

elaine said...

What a neat birthday idea. I will definitely have to steal this one next year. -e.