Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things I LOVE!

Gosh, I know I haven't posted in a while. My mother and stepdad visited this past weekend and this week I'm working in the nursery at our church's VBS. If you're reading this, Mother, we miss you. And we also miss Maddy! I didn't notice how much vacuuming she was saving me from until I glanced at the floor under the highchair this morning. Maybe we need a dog...

I'm going to cheat and respond to a meme from Robin at Robinznest's blog.

Ten Things I Love

1. Old sitcoms from the eighties. I especially love Who's the Boss and the Facts of Life. I always wanted to be Blair. Alas, I'm more of a Natalie. Although with a set of hot rollers I can create Blair-worthy hair. In fact, I really think the hot rollered look should always be in style.

2. Driving around looking at houses. Especially big old houses with character. Don't you wish you could turn yourself invisible so you could see what other people's houses look like on the inside? I think the occupants of every charming home should be required to sign up for their local Tour of Homes.

3. Houseplan magazines. I like to imagine just how I would arrange our furniture in each plan. I also rank various houseplans according to whether or not they possess certain qualities that I consider ideal for our family.

4. Making lists. And spreadsheets. I do this whenever I have free time. "Oh goodie, I think I'll make a list!" It's very relaxing.

5. The smell of Baby Soft, that perfume for young girls. I still remember the advertisement from my Teen magazine, back in junior high school. Picture a hunky guy with late 80s hair (you know kind of spikey on top and a little too long in the back), wearing a denim jacket. "You know what I like best about lending Nicole my jean jacket? The way it smells when she gives it back." Apparently this guy likes his coat to smell like a girl. Go figure.

6. The Theme from Masterpiece Theater.

7. Visiting with my mother, aunts, and girl cousins. I love how we can talk ourselves blue into the wee hours of the night and never run out of things to say.

8. New books. Hearing the delivery driver pull into the driveway and knowing that it's a package from Amazon! Oh, Amazon. How I love you.

9. The way my hair looks when I leave the salon. It's something I can't replicate on my own.

10. Farmer's markets. I love coming home with a fresh bouquet of flowers, a sack of heirloom tomatoes, and a flat of blackberries.

What are a few of your favorite things? You know, things you just LOVE? I'm dying to know, so please feel free to share by leaving a comment or responding to this meme on your own blog!


MyBestInvest said...

I'm totally with you on driving around looking at houses. The Wife and I could do it all day. That was one of our favorite pasttimes before we bought our house.

When we walk around the neighborhood, we say, "I would LOVE to see the inside of that house!" at nearly every house we pass.

Alana said...

Ooh, I LOVE farmer's markets, too. We had a great one in the last town that we lived in. I miss it.

I forgot all about Baby Soft. I'm not sure I can even remember what it smells like it has been so long, but I do remember wearing it!

Shelly said...

You are too cute!

Things I love:
1) Sweets!
2) Quality time with my close friends
3) His Word
4) Traveling!
5) The beach
6) Dancing :)
7) Chips/salsa
8) Horses
9) Babies
10) Summer thunderstorms here in GA

Robin said...

You crack me up!!! Thanks for the trip back to the 80's - I had forgotten all about Love's Baby Soft - I loved it too!
And I also love looking at houses. I go to the Parade of Homes every year - I can't get enough!
Thanks for playing along!

Janelle said...

Oh, salon hair. The perfect and never duplicatable. I love that feeling. If fact, that reminds me to call and make an appointment. I am well past due.

Also,love the new book smell and the stiff spine and the crisp pages.

Thanks for sharing!

Teri said...

I am telling you girl, we would be fast friends if you came here to live! You could buy one of the charming victorian homes on main street and Nicknack could grow up in small town USA! Just think of the lists you would need for a cross country move! Oh, I would be willing to send you our portable DVD player for the trip...that way you could watch Anne of Green Gables over and over and over!!! (Ok, you know I am totally joking...but my husband is a list maker too, so I fully understand the attraction to lists and spreadsheets!) Kitty, you rock! I love your list and will try to make one of my own for my blog!

Kim said...

I love your list! I seldom even get to the salon anymore, but I love me a good shampoo. That comes close to therapy, doesn't it?

I love hot baths, donuts, and fishing off the dock.....

That's my short list :)


MamaCass said...

I love the Baby Soft smell too. Tag your it!

Lisa said...

I LOVE to drive around looking at houses - especially older homes. I love to look at thier landscaping too.
We are going to Charleston SC this coming week so I am really looking forward to touring some of the antebellum homes there.

Tammy said...

You know, I agreed with each and every one! I could have written this post! :)
Too funny about the 80''re so young, but I was right there as Blair's contemporary when the show first aired! And I was so into Who's the Boss- when it was new and on every Tuesday at 8! :D

Abby said...

i've been bad about posting lately too! :(

Some things i LOVE
*whispers from God
*fried chicken
*black & white pictures
*new journals
*hugging my friends :)
*being introduced to new areas of God's character

The Small Scribbler said...

Baby Soft. I totally forgot that. Mmm. It takes me back.


Mumsy said...

Kitty, This is your mother, and I AM reading your blog and I miss you, too.

Re: your list of things you love--It must have been in no particular order. Otherwise MAKING LISTS would surely have been number one!

Your love of looking at homes must fall into one of two categories: learned behavior, or inherited in your genes. Do you remember walking thru neighborhoods with your aunts Susan and Gail and speculating on the design of the homes and the lives of the families who lived in them? We were all SO disappointed when the curtains were drawn. It's silly, but seeing a family around the table or together in the living room can still sort of choke me up. It's just so -- American -- in the best way.

The 80s sitcoms are fun, but I confess I am not enjoying the "blast from the past" 70s clothing styles that seem to have reappeared. The baby doll, empire-style tops and dresses, the psychedylic patterns, etc. I'm of the opinion that the style flatters few, and fashion-wise, I can only say with George Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Some of my favorites (in no particular order):
Spending time with my children and grandchildren (especially Nicknack); taking photos, especially of wildlife and nature; feeding, watching, and housing birds of any feather; Maddy, the best mini-Aussie in the world; good books; Beth Moore and the insights she shares about the Word; relaxing on the porch on cool summer evenings after hot summer days; spending time on the water--anytime, but especially in a kayak paddling around a lake or on a slow moving river.