Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Waiting and Walking

I am perfectly happy to wait on God.

It's waiting on other people that absolutely drives me bananas!

We're just waiting on some information about a potential job for Penn. It makes sense that other people don't handle our lives with the same sense of urgency and expectation that we do. But wouldn't it be nice if they did?

The funny thing is that we aren't in any big hurry to relocate far away, which is what a new job probably means. In fact, after the winter holidays would be ideal timing. So that gives us about six months to look-y-lou, wait, decide, etc.

But if something wonderful comes up between now and then we are ready to spring into action. But to spring into action or decide against something we need to know more about it. So that's what we're waiting on.

In the meantime, Nicknack is entertaining us with his newfound love of walking. It's very exciting for all of us. He walks all the time, all over the place. So at least we have some diversion while we wait.


Mumsy said...

I'm not praying that you won't find a new job opportunity FAR AWAY! Really, I'm not. Much.

Seriously, we are praying for the Lord to lead in your life, where ever He takes you. Nevermind that I am tacking on a little whispered "if it's not in central Washington, please let it be a destination that has a good airfare from Seattle".

Why does time fly when you want it to slow, and creep when you are waiting for something? It's a mystery...

Can hardly wait to see Nicknack's super walking abilities.
xoxo, Mumsy

Lisa said...

Kitty -
I don't wait very well either. I just like to get things done. But, God's timing and my timing don't always seem to be the same. The really wonderfulness about waiting is that there always seems to be so many good things to come from it.
So, my prayers are with you and your family - for God to lead as only He can - and that the wait won't be too long.

Debra said...

oh do i know this feeling?

God has all things planned we just must follow his lead and timing...

Alana said...

Kitty, it seemed like the first several years of our marriage was just one big limbo sesssion (and I'm not talking about the party game kind ;-)

The one thing I learned was to try and live in the present. God has you where you are right now for a reason. Sometime we have a tendency to start removing ourselves mentally from a situation before we are removed physically. Does that make sense?

Also, I learned that no matter what my plans were, his version was ALWAYS MUCH better.

No doubt about it, though, the anticipation is hard!

Praying for you, hope it all works out soon.

Congrats on your new walker!

Jules said...

I admit sometimes it is even hard to wait on God and see what He for us. Sometimes He doesn't answer like we think He should. (And sometimes He does). But in the end all things work out for our good. A song that my Sis and I sing came to mind while reading this today. "Lord Keep Me In Your Will, So I Won't Be In Your Way". The 2nd verse says:

Remind me Lord I'm just a glove
In which you place Your hand.
Not my will, but Your's be done
Though I don't understand.
The best-laid plans I've made
Some how always go astray.
Lord keep me in Your will
So I won't be in Your way.


And put me where You want to
Not where I want to be
If I should ask for things I want
Just give me what I need
When I complain from time to time
Forgive me Lord I pray
Please keep me in Your will
So I won't be in Your way

Thank you for the reminder, Kitty. I needed to meditate on that very thought. Waiting. :o)

Shelly said...

Woah! A big move in the future huh!?

Well...may He speed up (or slow down) this individual to align with His timing. :)

Janelle said...

When you look back on this season of your life in a couple of years I pray that you will see God's timing as perfect. I, too, want to hurry to the next phase. But there is a lot of wisdom and lessons to be learned in the "wait".

Loved when my kids learned to walk. My favorite times are walking beside them holding their hands. Cherish it!

connorcolesmom said...

It is hard to wait on people :)
I love that God had such a perfect plan and He will reveal it in His perfect timing!
Your little man is walking - big changes are coming!!! You better put on your running shoes b/c boys only walk for a little while and then they start running - LOL!!

Dorky Dad said...

I have no patience. But I'm pretty sure God would rather I have some, because He's learned me a few lessons.

I wish you luck in wherever it is God leads you. And I also wish you luck on Nicknack's mobility. That's a whole 'nother level of parenthood, believe me.