Friday, August 24, 2007

Does today's date ring a bell?

This morning I stood in front of my fridge, door open, scanning the contents for something appropriate for breakfast. A who-knows-how-old container of pasta stared at me from the "leftover" shelf, and triggered this stream of consciousness:

Hmm. I wonder how old that is.

That reminds me - I need to put marinara sauce on the grocery list.

When am I going to the grocery store?

I know, I'll go to WalMart again. That's always fun. Maybe tomorrow.

But last time I couldn't fit everything and Nicknack in the cart, so I'd better go without him.

I'll bet Nicknack would like Orzo. Oh, and Orviette pasta.

I'd better put those on the grocery list, too.

When was the last time I had Orviette pasta?

Oh yeah, I think I burned something with Orviette because I remember someone commenting on my blog that they hadn't heard of that kind of pasta before.

The first time I ever had it was last summer, when Penn cooked at at Fancy Italian Restaurant and Hotel while his boss was on vacation for a couple of months. Nicknack was a newborn. Penn came home really really late and brought home lots of good leftovers, which we we ate at one in the morning. That was fun.

Hey, we still have that gift certificate for $150 to Fancy Italian Restaurant and a voucher for an overnight Fancy Hotel stay that we haven't used.

I need to see if Penn's niece can come stay the night with Nicknack so we can use the certificate and voucher.

Maybe for our anniversary at the end of summer.

That's coming up, isn't it?

When is our anniversary, anyway? Think, woman, think!

September twenty-something? ... Noooo, that's when we had our reception, after the honeymoon. The actual wedding was in August.

Definitely August. Auguuuuuuuust...31? No, that's not right.

It was an even number.

I'll have to check the calendar.

Oh, I see. August 24. That's right around the corner. That's really soon.


Penn!? Is today Friday?


Because... um, happy fifth anniversary.

We are so lame!

But don't feel sorry for me because we didn't do anything special for our anniversary. Or even remember it, for that matter. I always get roses for Valentine's Day. I am never disappointed Christmas morning. And Penn makes a very very big deal out of my birthday. One year he had food flown in from my favorite Mexican restaurant, in Alaska. Last year I received a maternity spa day package at the swankiest salon in town. This past year I received a surprise MacBook Pro and he revealed that we have a secret savings account containing several months worth of his salary, unbeknownst to me.

You're probably wondering why he failed to mention this to me. And whether I was mad he'd kept it a secret... Short answer: no! Penn decided to pretty much forget about this old account when we were newlyweds and he realized that I had - ahem - spending issues. And then after a few years, when I'd gotten my fiscal act together, it really had slipped his mind. Then he remembered and thought it would make a fun surprise for my birthday.

Who forgets money? I guess the same guy who forgets his anniversary. Luckily his wife is forgetful, too, so he isn't in hot water.

Five years. Sigh. It's gone by so quickly and yet I feel like we've been together for twenty-five years. Twenty-five good years.

I guess I'd better go bake a cake.


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

Alana said...

That is funny. I haven't forgotten an anniversary yet, but as the years go by it seems increasingly difficult to carve out time to celebrate. This year we were traveling several hours in the car with two young children. Is that romantic or what?

Happy 5th! Hope you do find some time to celebrate!

The Preacher's Wife said...

How funny!! Happy Anniversary...I'm totally loving the forgotten savings account...I can promise you that would never happen around here...haha

Maybe you can have a good dinner sometime soon!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the stream of consciousness that lead you to remember...ha ha...Happy Anniversary. I don't ever forget because it is the only time each year we get a whole weekend alone - who would forget that?? ;) Heck, I am already planning next year.

Prairie Rose said...

LOL -- I can't believe you BOTH forgot about it.

If only you'd been married one day later, you'd have shared your anniversary with Laura and Almanzo Wilder. THEN maybe you'd have remembered it! :o)

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Your story cracked me up! I would be so upset if my hubby forgot ... and wow the extra $$ maybe you can take a kid free vacation with it ... maybe to celebrate ... um I don't know maybe your anniversary :)

Ladybug said...

Happy Anniversary!!

connorcolesmom said...

I love that you are as ADD as I am - LOL!! At least in all of your ADD you remembered your anniversary. :)
I have to have a big calendar on the fridge and write everything on it so that I will remember!!
Oh that reminds me my best friends birthday is today - I better go call her!!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary - a couple days late. I hope you have many, many more and they only get better as the years go by.
I think the whole savings account thing is cute - I bet Penn forgot all about it because he was enjoying being married too much to remember it.
Blessings, my friend.

Alana said...

Hey Kitty,

Check out my last post. There is something there in your honor!

Janelle & Ella said...

Happy Anniversary!!

My husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary also, so I totally know what you mean by it going by so quickly. But so much has changed in 5 year.

Robin said...

What a hilarious story! You guys crack me up and you sound so perfect together! Happy Anniversary!

Abby said...

hahaha that is two sound like you're made for each other. and if your husband wants to find me a lost savings account somewhere that would be great...first time on my own...bills stink! ;) have a great day!

Kate said...

I love the stream of consciousness in this post. (I just now noticed Mary's comment. We must share the same brain. Twins separated at birth?) Happy Anniversary! And I have spent the last few days trying to figure out if my parents' fortieth anniversary is next week. I guess I'm need to call some siblings to nail this down for certain.


ginny said...

Happy Anniversary...a little late! I guess you won't care it's late since you didn't really remember it yourself :)

I love the forgotten savings account...what a wonderful gift!

shelley said...

Hello! I just stopped over from Alana's blog, and just wanted to thank you for the laughs! I haven't forgotten an anniversary yet, but I woudn't put it past me in the future. I absolutely LOVED your last post, the one about the tantrums, TOO FUNNY! Well, at least for me, maybe not so much for you! I think I have a little "future tantrum thrower" coming up in the ranks. Only time will tell, but he's definately showing potential.