Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Extreme Baby Makeover

For several months (and as recently as a week ago) I have been declaring that I was not ready for Nicknack's first haircut. Well, I changed my mind. I was pushing his Fab Five sideburns behind his ears and trying to swoop his bangs to the side for the millionth time and I just decided it was time. The next morning I made an appointment at a nearby children's salon for the following day.

I thought I might have second thoughts, but after the appointment was made I actually felt great about the decision. The kid is practically running! Even I can't deny it. He is no longer a baby. Besides, if I had major haircut remorse I knew it would grow out pretty quickly.

Penn has been pro-snip for a couple of months now. But as soon as I got on board with his way of thinking he suddenly became a lot less comfortable with the idea. We agreed to save all the hair and took a bunch of "before" video and photos this morning. Then we buckled our mophead into his carseat and drove bravely to the salon.

The place was so cute that we were distracted from our conflicted emotions.

Here is the cute apple/Mount Rainier mural in the waiting area:

Aren't these adirondack chairs sunshine-y?

There are lots of toys, although we didn't need to use them because there was no wait:

And here are the chairs... Isn't the horse chair neat for an older child? We opted for the tractor.

Here is Nicknack, modeling his "before" style and looking like a junior member of the FFA (Future Farmers of America, for those not in the know):

We discussed the style of cut and decided on a "not-super-short-preppy-traditional-almost-a-big-boy-cut." Our stylist Janet was a total pro. You could tell she works with a lot of wriggle worms.

He was not at all traumatized and stayed busy with the tractor wheel and various distracting toys. Although at first he kept trying to get me to pick him up/rescue him. And occasionally he would try to turn around to see what this crazy lady with scissors was doing back there.

After Janet had snipped most of his locks my heart did a flipflop. For a split second he looked about five years old and I got a glimpse of my future big kid. (Note to self, must have another baby, pronto!)

Luckily his monkeylike behavior brought me right back to reality and served as a constant reminder that he is definitely still all toddler.

Ta da!

We have no regrets. We're glad we waited until it was so long and messy all the time that we were ready. And I'm sure we'll let it grow out again until it gets to the point of no return. AKA "somebody get this kid a haircut!" We did and we survived!


Heather said...

He's cute before and after!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Adorable! And man, I want to get my hair cut at a place like that! How cool!

Killlashandra said...

What an awesome idea! I children's salon I love it. I wish there was one down here. Daddy just took clippers to W.W.'s head for his first hair cut. Granted, they tickeled and W.W. giggled through out the whole procedure, but I would definitely have taken him to a salon like that too!

Teri said...

He looks adorable! First haircuts are so special! Gotta love it! He does look like a big boy...and be careful Kitty, you will blink and he will be going into middle school.

Alana said...

I'm so glad you survived the first haircut ;-) He looks adorable!

Janelle said...

What a cute salon! It looks like they took good care of your sweet boy.

He looks so handsome! I am glad you felt good about the decision.

Lisa said...

Oh my - he is so cute!! I love his haircut. The salon is great too - we should have something like that here.

Robin said...

What a fun place to go and what a cute little man you have! I think you are right - you better get started on that next baby!

JennaG said...

Wow, I can tell we live in a small town--there is nothing like that around here. Mine would have loved it though. He looks very handsome, indeed.

ginny said...

It looks great! He is just an adorable little boy no matter what his hair looks like.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is the cutest hair place I have ever seen for kids! WOW! He looks so adorable.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh he looks precious!!
Love the play by play :)
(must have another baby pronto - haha)
God bless siesta,

The Small Scribbler said...

I want to take my guys to your fun salon get their haircut. Oh wait. It's a zillion miles from here.

Nicknack is adorable. Isn't it funny how cutting off a few inches propels a baby into toddlerhood?


jules said...

His haircut looks great! He is such a cutie! :o) And did I forget to mention the hair salon? Love it! Wish we had something like that here! :o)

Janelle & Ella said...

This is so sweet! Love his new cut. And the place you took him is absolutely adorable. What a fun first hair cut place.
I'm getting a little teary eyed thinking about my girl's first hair cut that hasn't happened yet. I guess that's one good thing about her still not having much hair. We might make it to her 2nd b-day before we have to get one. :-)