Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Haircut

I got my hair cut yesterday! Three inches off, woo hoo!

But the "first" haircut to which I refer is the cut I gave Nicholas this afternoon. My first time cutting hair. Other than my own bangs, but I won't go into that traumatic story. Let me just urge you not to cut your own bangs a week before your child's baptism. Unless you like the look of 3/4 inch bangs.

I was just about ready to book Nicholas's third haircut at the adorable children's salon in our neck of the woods. Then I started thinking about how many children we might someday have (I want five, Penn wants three, so let's just say four) and calculated that 4 x $25 a pop kid haircuts + $$ (Penn's haircuts) + $$$$ (my haircuts) = a lot!

So I figured I'd better learn how to cut my own children's hair and why not start today?

Let me just say that my own stylist and my Mother-in-Law both encouraged me, telling me how easy it would be. I should have thought about that a little bit. Of course it's easy for my stylist to cut her son's hair. She went to beauty school! And my Mother-in-Law... You know how if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all? I'm not going to say a single word about my dear husband's childhood hair, as captured in circa 1975 photos and you can read between the lines.

But I didn't think of that. At least not until it was too late.

I was going to research on the internet and find a how-to-cut-your-toddler's-hair-guide, because you know there is one somewhere on the world wide web. But then I just decided to go for it. I'm one of those people who learns best by doing.

So I did.

It looks... um... well... kind of like his mom cut it.

The front looks very Dumb and Dumber (Lloyd, not Harry), but since we brush it to the side, it works. The main thing that was irking me were the too long sideburns, which looked very "Fab Four." So those look better although I cut them a little too much. But they're fine.

But the back. Oh dear. The back. I thought I would just need to snip off the shaggy ends at the neckline. Let's just ignore the fact that it's all jagged because of a certain squirmer. Besides that, it's just wrong. Choppy and... wrong. I'm hoping that it will grow out to look nicer in a couple of weeks.

I wouldn't really care that much about how it looks, since he doesn't turn two until the end of May. We have plenty of time for it to grow out before his two year portrait, birthday party, etc. It's just hair, it will grow.

But, unfortunately, the experience semi-traumatized him. He hardly noticed the nice lady was cutting his hair when he got to sit in the tractor chair and play with strange new toys. Sitting in his booster chair in the living room watching Super Why just didn't cut it. It didn't distract him at all. The sight of mama with a squirt bottle and scissors was all it took to set him off. He started wailing before the first snip and by the time I was finished there were little golden hairs stuck all over his wet (with tears and snot) face.

So it just wasn't a good experience and I don't know if we'll attempt it again at some point, or not. Maybe when he's older.

Have you ever cut your child's hair?


Janelle said...

I can totally relate. I was desperate at Christmas time with my son. We couldn't get in for an appointment so I did it myself.

Girl. That was a big mistake. HUGE. Christmas '07 will go down in history.

Lisa said...

Kitty - the wonderful thing is that it DOES grow back!
When my son was about 13 months old I decided to give him a "trim." Bless his little heart, he ended up with a mullett.
Needless to say, I haven't tried that again.
Hang in there, sister!
And, thanks for your comment on my blog - keep praying for the children.

Janelle & Ella said...

Oh my goodness!! Well, any desire I ever had to cut my own child's hair just flew out the window.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I was hoping for a picture :)
I cut all of my boys' hair including my husband's. It is intimidating but all I can say is keep trying you will get it. It really does get easier plus hair grows - right :)
The first time I cut my hubby's hair it was the night before a big meeting and I accidently shaved the back too short. There was this BIG bald spot.
I had to cut it all really short to try and cover it up. It did not really help but it was in the back so he could not see it - hehe

Susan said...

You'll get better with time...if you dare to do it again!

I always cut all of our children's hair. Now the girl has her's done at a salon, although she does have me give her a trim now and then in between. I still cut our youngest kid's mop of curls...thank you for reminder...he's over due for that...and stopped I stopped cutting our oldest's hair because he likes it shorter than I like to cut it.

Oh, and...I'm the only one who has touched The Man's hair in the last 25 years!

See...you'll get better with time...

Alana said...

I learned my lesson in college when I tried to cut Rich's hair. It was bad. I always call a professional in the hair department ;-)