Friday, November 30, 2007

Smooth Move, Ex-Lax!

I'm sitting in my husband's recliner, watching Sesame Street. Why am I watching Sesame Street, you may ask, since Nicknack isn't even in the room, as he's getting a bath in preparation for his 18 month check-up later this morning. I can't give him said bath or even get up to find the remote and change the channel because I have done something strange to my ankle.

This morning I got up early so I could get in a good workout and clean the house, which is looking extra untidy this week. Alas, 3/4 of the way through my power walk DVD my ankle gave out on me and as my entire weight fell on it, at a strange angle, I heard (or felt, not sure which) a sickening crunch.

I'm SO BUMMED. SO SO SO BUMMED. For so many reasons.

At first, because of the pain. Ouch. But now that my husband's pain meds have kicked in it feels much better. Thank heavens for my husband's hernia surgery pills.

The second reason is because almost every time I start to get into an exercise routine I have an injury setback. Last time it was running and I developed Plantar Fasciitis. Which ended my short-lived (but in my mind ,glorious!), running career almost completely. The first of such injuries was In college when I actually got to the point where I could squeeze myself into a size 6 (I kept the pants, as proof) - which, for me, is totally tiny. Then I sprained my ankle playing soccer in the dormitory hall with a boy I had a crush on. No more aerobics and I quickly regained all the weight I'd lost. And there have been a couple of other incidents in between.

I hope my foot isn't broken. I did break my foot in junior high school at cheerleading practice, but that was only because I was trying to prove that I could do the same tumbling pass as the squad captain. Despite the fact that she was a lifelong gymnast and I was a complete amateur. It looked so easy, you know? I would like to point out that I did land the tumbling pass, before crumpling to the floor.

Another huge reason I'm bummed? Tennis. Oh, tennis. How I will miss you for how ever long my ankle will keep us apart. As I may have mentioned, I heart tennis. I've been taking lessons once or twice a week and renting the ball machine at the club once or twice a week. If I could, I would play tennis seven days a week. So I'm super distressed about not being able to play.

Finally, there is Nicknack. I saved the most important thing for last. How am I going to take care of him and the house when I can't even drive? Or walk. Penn had to help me get in the shower this morning. I had to get in there and shave my legs, since a doctor and/or nurse will be checking out my foot in a couple of hours!

Anyway, I'm totally bummed and hoping that this is a very short-lived injury and that I can wear an aircast or something like that. That is isn't broken and I'll be able to resume my normal household duties asap!

My lovely Mother-in-Law is coming to help me today, and to stay with Nicknack while Penn takes me to the doctors' office. Thank heavens she isn't the judgemental type, since the house isn't in tip top shape. I do plan to crawl around and tidy up (I wonder if I can vacuum on my hands and knees) as soon as my husband leaves the house.

Dang. Penn just came back in from the garage to order me to stay in this chair while he's at the Pediatrician's. He mentioned that he'd better not see anything cleaned up or moved when he comes home.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?


Robin said...

Oh no - I hope it's not broke! Moms can't ever be sick or break a bone - we all know that!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh goodness!
I hope you are OK!
Keep us informed on what happened!!
It is good to hear from you!!

Alana said...

So sorry! It is so frustrating to be able to do the things you need and want to do!

Rachel Anne said...

I love being ordered not to get up and "clean things up." Actually, I'm still waiting for an injury to happen so I can hear those blessed words. (I'm married to a neat freak....need I say more?)

Seriously, I do hope it's not serious. Take it easy and enjoy sesame street while you can.

PS...the fake ID incident. Have you blogged about this already? I've got to hear the end of this story!