Friday, November 30, 2007


I forgot to mention that Penn never heard back about that job in my mother's small college town in central Washington. We were all mildly bummed about it, but the major silver lining was that Penn wouldn't have to leave his current job before Christmas bonus time (about 15% of his total salary). We count on that money for our annual retirement and college saving plans.

Trusting God's plan for your life has so many benefits, including making it easy to gracefully accept disappointment. We got over it pretty quickly and he has applied for a job in Wisconsin that sounds amazing.

This morning I checked his e-mail (I'm his "PR" person, you see) to see if he'd heard anything new about the Wisconsin job. Instead there was an e-mail from the hiring manager for the Washington position to see if he was still interested in that job. They pushed the hiring date back and are just now moving on with interviews. So he'll be interviewing next week.

It would be pretty amazing if he got this job, in such a perfect location, AND we were able to keep that bonus!

But, if not, we are both totally excited about moving to a small Wisconsin resort town, especially since the house that is part of the compensation package is right on the lake! And it pays much more than the Washington job and comes with a vehicle, which is not the most important factor, but would be a nice consolation prize!

And if neither job works out then I'm sure something else will pop up. Gotta trust a God that is as good as our God!


connorcolesmom said...

Oh the job sounds great!
I hope he hears something soon!
It would be great to be by family we loved living near our family.
God bless,

Janelle & Ella said...

A house on the lake sounds absolutely dream like!!

How is your foot? Is it broken?

Susan said...

A house on the lake? A dream come true for my spousal unit!

What's up with your foot?????



Alana said...

Exciting times! Keep us posted!