Friday, September 21, 2007

Love Hurts!

I haven't posted in sooooo long because I haven't had anything new to report. And everytime I came up with a story or thought I want to share, I didn't feel like typing!

Yesterday was the first day of my women's Bible study after the summer break. It felt like the first day of school. I forgot how nice it is to get together with a group of ladies to share and pray for each other. We have two new women in our small group, which is very exciting.

Nicknack enjoys this weekly outing as much as I do. He's been attending with me since he was one week old. At about three months I started leaving him in the nursery, for church and on Bible study days. He just absolutely loves it there. He never really went through separation anxiety. Which was very convenient, but hurt a little. Several of the other children would throw a fit when their mommies left them. My guy was always like, "See ya later!" He hardly noticed I left. At all. Next time, I want one of those clingy babies. :) But now he at least runs to greet me and gives me a huge smile and hug when I return. I know all you mothers out there know what I mean when I say that I live for such moments.

I had no idea the affection of my child would touch my heart so much. It's almost like having a crush. I love when he holds my hand (rarely!), or gives me my morning hug, or reaches for me and says "UP-HH!" (His second word - the first was "HHAATTHH.") Now whenever Penn sees his mother he makes a bigger fuss over her because he no knows how much we parents crave the love of our children. I had no idea, pre-Nicknack.

The big news from yesterday is that Nicknack has a girlfriend.

My favorite friend at church (who is in my small group) has a daughter about six weeks older than N. In fact, we got to be pregnant together, which was neat. Her daughter is one of the most adorable children I have ever seen. Maggie (not her real name, but close) has fuzzy golden blonde curls and her eyes are so blue they look lavendar! She has the rosiest cheeks and an adorable perma-pout. The first time Penn ever saw this girl he was imagining the offspring she and Nicknack would produce. "Can you imagine his big eyes with her eye color!?"

She looks like a dolly. But she is a fiest! I don't know where she gets it, because her parents and five-year-old brother are all so laid back. But this girl is a force to be reckoned with. She walk and talked unbelievably early. Drank out of a cup and sat in a chair before Nicknack could even crawl! She is so much more advanced than him - it is hard to even describe. She has a huge baby vocabulary and a huge baby attitude. She is the sassiest thing I've ever seen in diapers. I just love her.

And so does Nicknack.

Oh, and she is bites. Her mother works at a preschool and daycare and is able to bring her with her to the latter job. To her dismay, almost weekly, little Maggie bites someone. My friend is right there, trying to prevent these occurences. But they just happen. And she feels horrible. She's tried everything I can think of.

Yesterday, for this first time, Maggie bit Nicknack. He and his gal were canoodling together in the nursery playhouse. Hugging and holding on to each others hands. How cute is that? I wish I could have seen it. I'm leaving my camera next week for the nursery ladies to capture the magic. Which ended abruptly when Nicknack put his hand on the playhouse doorknob. Ouch! Right on the finger.

Don't worry, the bite didn't break the skin and he recovered quickly. When I got to the nursery my friend and the nursery staff were so apologetic. But Maggie didn't look at all remorseful. She positively scowled at me. It is a good thing she is such a beauty. I can't imagine any little boy could ever resist her, despite her antics.

The bad news is that yesterday afternoon Nicknack tried to bite me! Twice! He was giving me a hug and then a semi-kiss/bite. I tried to be really stern and the second time I even gave him a little swat on his bottom and said "No BITE!" I don't really consider myself a "spanker," but I've already determined that I have the kind of child who might need the occasional swat just to get his attention. Nothing that hurts - he wears a diaper for padding, after all. But this is a habit I do NOT want him to pick up.

I am not going to keep him away from his future bride. But why couldn't he pick up any one of the dozens of words she says or her ability to imitate every single farm animal?

I'm hoping this is an isolated incident.

Penn flies to California for his interview this Sunday. If you think of it, will you please say a quick prayer for him for safe travels? I am petrified of flying. Kinda odd since my mother, aunt, uncle, and grandfather are all pilots. I've been flying in single engine airplanes since I was a newborn. But as an adult, I've developed a fear of jet flights and I hate the thought of Penn flying. And driving on unfamilar freeways.

I'll let you know what happens!


Robin said...

Ohhh...biting is a hard one to deal with. I don't know why some kids do and some don't - but it is always difficult. Once in our nursery and child bit another in the face and it went way into the skin. He bruised terribly. The other parents felt HORRIBLE, but what could be done! The good news is the ALWAYS eventually grow out of it!!

Janelle said...

What a great story to share at their wedding reception! She sounds like a firecracker!

My son just started seperation anxiety at 6. NO fun at all. It just breaks my heart to have to tear him away from me. Enjoy the well-adjusted Nicknack. I am sure it melts your heart to have him excited to see you when you return for him.

Lisa said...

Missed you, Kitty. Love the "baby love" story. I'm with you on the biting thing. I can not and will not tolerate my child biting someone. Thankfully, I never had that problem with Jacob.
My prayers are with Penn as he travels and with you as you wait for him to return.
Blessings Sister!

The Small Scribbler said...

The biter. There's always one in every nursery. They do grow out of it but it's not fun for anybody. Sounds like your taking it all in stride.

I will be praying for Penn's travel and that you will see God's direction for your family.


Alana said...

Must have a visual reference for little miss Maggie! Very cute. Yes, the biting is just a phase. I think you handled it well.

My kids are both the same way when I leave them. With the youngest being a little more on the clingy side. I think it is a good thing! He is probably going to be a social guy!

connorcolesmom said...

Biting is a hard one because it truly hurts and can break the skin. My oldest had one day of the biting. However in one day he bit me 7 times - that was fun!
I did finally have to swat him and that did it he never bit me again.
My youngest is not a biter but he sure can scream - I mean sonic boom loud!!
I just said a prayer for Penn and for wisdom with the job decision.
God's hand is in this and will guide your steps!
Much love,