Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that Penn's interview was a success, in the sense that it went well, he made it home safely, and he was offered the position.

However, he just turned it down.

Although the salary was extremely generous, the cost of housing in the area is $500/sq ft and up. ! He looked at several two bedroom cottages on itty bitty lots in the $550-700,000 range and wasn't impressed with the safety of the neighborhoods.

It is a beautiful area with lovely weather but very very busy and full of people.

We feel good about the decision and are excited about staying here for the holidays.

And in the meantime, I'm enjoying my four bedrooms, ample storage space, and normal-sized back yard!


JennaG said...

I am so with you--I would hate to be paying a ton of money for a little bit of space. I truly have a hard time understanding people who live like that--I realize people have to be where the jobs are, but still... I love me some good country air.

Heather said...

I couldn't imagine paying that much money for something so small! We too are looking for a job with little success. Hubs was offered a job but we couldn't handle the salary. Waiting on God to bring the right thing to our door!

Teri said...

I'm happy that at least you know where you will be for now! I think I missed this, but is Penn a Chef? If so, where did he go to school?

Janelle said...

It sounds like you have all the right reasons for staying put. I am sure God has something more valuable than money ahead of your precious family. Don't you wish sometimes we wouldn't have to wait to find out?

Alana said...

Sounds like you have peace about it. That is a very good thing.

MyBestInvest said...

Good stuff. You'll know when it's right.

Lisa said...

Praises for Penn's safe return home! And, praises that you both have been given the gift of discernment. I believe God has something awesome in store for you guys!

The Small Scribbler said...

I had a feeling this would be the outcome. I am glad you are happy to be where you are. Contentedness is such an elusive thing.


connorcolesmom said...

Thank you for the update!
I have been thinking of you both and the interview.
WE also had an offer to move to CA and we just did not like the idea of it.
In His perfect time with His perfect plan....

Profbaugh said...

Well, I'm glad Penn got home safely and that you made a decision about the job. Cost of living is a major factor. I know it's one of the reasons why we've stayed in St. Louis instead of taking other job opportunities. So enjoy your BIG house!! There are lots of folks in CA living in crackerboxes. (tee hee)