Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moving to Texas? Probably Not.

Just tried to jokingly talk my husband into moving to Texas. "I've heard nice things about Austin," I offered. "Too hoooooot," he whined, er, replied.

We decided to research Austin's climate. Thank you Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, I started to read outloud before I previewed the material. "Austin has... a, um... humid subtropical climate..." Oh.

Subtropical? Really? Hmm.

I continued reading aloud. Until I go to the last sentence of the paragraph. Then I tried to just let my voice trail ever so slightly as if I'd l merely lost interest: "...and tornadoes are not uncommon in the region." (quietly. in a monotone. so as not to compete with the History Channel.)

I glanced at Penn. Just sitting in his chair, half listening, half watching some show about something. Ha! He'd missed that last part.

30 seconds later.

"Wait... Whaaat?"

Darn it.

Don't you just hate it when what you said to someone only half listening finally catches up?

Well, we did agree to take a vacation to Texas next year. Not in the summer, though. And not during tornado season, obviously.

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Breathing His Joy said...

If you go on a trip to TX you should most DEFINITELY go to Austin and San Antonio. I lived in Austin for 7 years and it is absolutely beautiful and there are a ton of fun things to do.... and I never once saw a tornado :)