Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mission Impossible: Make a Friend

I'm on a quest to make a friend. I just decided this, just this minute. I've been missing female friendship in my life for quite a while. But I've just decided to do something about it.

What, you might ask, is my plan? Good question. I'll have to think about that.

I'm pretty good at making friends. I'm terrible at keeping them. I'm a homebody, I'm very happily married to my best friend, and I'm very close to my mother. So, in the past, when I start becoming friends with someone, I usually don't end up putting any effort into the relationship. I don't want to talk on the phone with them because I do all my talkin' with my Mumsy. I don't want to go hang out because I like to spend my free time with my favorite person, Penn. I don't want to meet somewhere in the evening because It sounds like a lot of trouble and I'm already wearing my PJs b 8pm.

This wasn't always a big deal. But now that I'm somebody's mama, things have changed.

I love my darling husband just as much as I did before, but I need a Mom's perspective on things. He isn't ALL that interested in the elaborate first birthday party plans I'd like to discuss with him ad nauseum, for example. And my beloved mother is still the bee's knees. But, she leads a very busy life and has quite a draining career (as an elementary school counselor at a troubled public school) and lives two hours away. Also, she isn't a SAHM with little ones at home. Finally, now that I'm stuck at home all the live long day, I'd actually like to leave said domicile from time to time. I'd like an excuse to put in the hot rollers, break out the mascara, and put on something to wear that can't be classified as "loungewear."

I don't have a sister. I'm a total weirdo, so I don't really click with a lot of women I meet. The women in my Bible study already have a million friends and seem super busy. And of the few friends I've made since living in Seattle SIX years ago, one had kids and started ignoring me (this was before I had my own little one), and the others were "work friends," with whom I have nothing in common, outside the office.

I've only kept in touch with one friend from high school (barely), have forgotten the names of the girls I was friends with as a freshman in college (I only attended one year), and only occasionally e-mail my girlfriends from Connecticut.

I need a girlfriend.

I'm going to brainstorm a plan of attack and I'll post about this plan later.

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Rachel Anne said...

Kittyhox, thanks for the visit to my blog. I'd be glad to be a web-friend! Like you, I'mhappy to be home with my fam, and it's hard to get out and do stuff with other girls. But events recently have reminded me that I do need good friendships so I am trying to do a better job of seeking them out and being available to "get out" of my PJs and get more involved. I will pray that you find a good friend.

ps I grew up in Poulsbo, Wa. I miss the rain.