Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Stick with Nordstrom, People

My embarrassingly expensive and ridiculously enormous brassiere recently broke. I was bending over doing something acrobatic (no doubt) w/Nicknack at tumbling class when I heard it snap. Darn. It was my favorite "hooter-holder."

It's only a few months old and Nordstrom has such a generous return policy that I'm tempted to call them and inquire about a replacement. I've been washing it in a mesh lingerie bag, so I don't think it should have snapped after just a season of use. But since I've worn it almost every day (I have a back up that I only wear when my favorite is in the wash), I probably got my money's worth. I even wore it to tennis, under a sports bra!

It's one of those foam "t-shirt" bras, which I love because no matter what you wear over it you get lots of coverage. You know what I mean?

In an attempt to be frugal, I decided to replace it with a much less expensive version from an online source. Same size and nearly identical.

While I was at it I ordered two other bras, because this incident made me realize that I need more than one flattering bra. Also four pair of undies that matched the first bra. And eight pair that matched the other two bras. So much for saving money. But I got almost all those items for just a little more than the original bra.

Well, the package arrived today. I was so excited. About underwear. But I was.

I opened the package and tried on the first bra. Too large. Wow. I didn't know they made bras too large for me, but apparently they do!

I tried on the second bra. Too small. I looked at the tag and realized it was one size smaller than the item I'd ordered and didn't match the itemized packing slip.

The third bra I pulled out of the bag was the wrong color. White. And tiny. Well, to me. I haven't worn a C-cup since high school!

I reached in again and found another bra - the one I'd ordered. It fit... but was all wrong in all the wrong places. Back into the bag it went.

I pulled out four pair of undies. Cute. Finally, something I ordered that fit. Woohoo!

Then I reached into the bag to retrieve the eight pink undies that should have been the last thing in the package.

I pulled out a bra. Another white 34C. Hmm.

I pulled out another. And another. And another. And another!

They'd sent me eight little white bras instead of my undies!

Don't you think the person packing the bag might have noticed that someone was REALLY excited about that white bra, to order eight!? Who orders eight bras!? Does anyone actually own that many bras, much less order them all (plus the other three) at one time?

Anyway, after all my ordering I have exactly four pair of underwear. Everything else has to go back. And tomorrow I will head to Nordstrom to replace the original.

I heart Nordstrom.


Deborah said...

I loved your post, made me laugh so much, nothing better then a good bra!!!! will check back to see how the bra shopping went. love always me

Alana said...

How in the world did they get it SO wrong? Crazy story! Made me laugh.

Susan said...

So I had to explain to my 17 year old son, who is in the same room as I am, why I am laughing hysterically.

He didn't get it.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh that is hilarious!!
Bra shopping drives me nuts. I can not ever seem to find a bra that fits especially after nursing 2 little boys.
Oh that is a great story!
Thanks for sharing.

Janelle said...

Eight bras? Oh my!

I am so in love with my bras. It would be a sad day

Teri said...

Totally funny...and I can't even fit into those "tiny" white bras...I am a B...those would be too big for me!

Janelle & Ella said...

Wow! That is CRAZY!! "Just stick with Nordstrom" That's hilarious!

Rachel Anne said...

So funny! I hate bra shopping....but mail order bra shopping, I can't imagine.

I'm just glad they now have "Almost A" sizes.....

Jessica said...

Over from Rachel Anne's. I was always the youngest, too. Thanks for the laugh!

And bra shopping is the worst! I hope you find one just as good as your favorite!

Dimple Queen said...

Found you by way of Rachel Anne. This bra story is hillarious!! I only have 3 bras! I know I should have more, but I am like you, I have one that I really like and I stick to it!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Giiirrrrllll, I heart Nordstrom too. The day I bought a bra from them is the day I decided I'd never buy one anywhere else. Why are they so good? And I do the same thing...wear it until it wears out, only wearing my "back-ups" as needed. said...

Oh, gosh. I've got a bazillion bras. Why? Because I can't find one I like. And then my husband gives me these pretty, very scratchy ones that looked good on the Victoria Secrets model (like anything would look bad). I won't go into detail, but I don't do scratchy or like to have my bosoms fall out when I lean over.

When you find a good bra, you have to buy more and hoard them. Good luck!

I came from Rachel Anne's. Love your fake ID story.

R said...

I agree...Nordstrom bras are the best! I'm in need of new ones right now, as a matter of fact. And I love their lingerie staff! I always go see the same gal, and she treats me like royalty.

R said...

by the way, I adore Diet Cherry Coke, too!

Lisa said...

Girlfriend, you crack me up!! I have to admit, though - I can not comprehend the problem. You see, even the 'C' bras would be too big for me. So, I don't have a big issue with bras. And, I'm very lucky that I have bought only one bra in the last four years. I bought a dark brown one for my step-daughter's wedding in October (to match my lovely dress) otherwise, I have an aunt who buys bras by the dozen and usually ends up giving them to me because she hates them. So, not one to be ungrateful - I wear what I get and I tend to be happy about it.
However, I do hope you have great luck at Nordstrom's. I'll be anxious to hear how it all turns out for you.

Rosheeda said...

It's too bad you don't live in Texas. I, too, have the great (way-too-big-to-be-right) bra dilemma. I found this FANTASTIC store in Plano that specializes in 'specialty sizes' in lingerie. I can go in, try on SEVERAL bras and actually have a choice as to which one I purchase. And the salespeople are just so fantastic! I ventured there this weekend, as a matter of fact and purchased two very pretty (allbeit very expensive) bras that I will wear unitl I am forced to go shop for the nasty (not-so)little things again.

You are not alone.TRUST ME. (And um, to tell you exactly how ginormous my bra is, even Nordstrom's would've had to special order my size. How do I know this??? I tried to go there first, seeing as how Nordstrom's in the Galleria is far closer than the great little shop on the OtherSideOfEgypt, Texas.)

ginny said...

Oh, how I loathe bra shopping, especially after nursing 2 children. What a pain!

Morgan Leigh said...

That post was hilarious.



Gretchen said...

Without posting my size...oh, whatever...38DD, I hear you, I hear you, I hear you. 3 bras=$225.00 at Nordies. Worth.Every.Penny.

I'm blogging again. Under a different title, but it's the same me. Stop by sometime.


wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Had a good laugh over your bra story! I just "splurged" on 2 white bra's myself the other day at an outlet store. $6.95 ea for Vanity Fair, not bad. Husband didn't understand why I had to try on at least 10 pair to finally pick these. But I feel slimmer, taller and I think that I can even run faster in my new bra's!

Jill said...

Hello! Thanks for your post...what undereye highlighter do you use? I noticed that Smashbox has reflects and diffuses light. I should try it!!!

My sisters both SWEAR by Nordstrom...too bad the nearest on is 40 minutes from my house. BUMMER.

My bra dilemma is that they don't make one small enough for me. Sometimes I buy them in the teenager dept!

Susan said...

Where are you girl! I'm missing you.
Hope you and all yours are well!
Happy New year.

Kelli said...

That story is stinkin' hilarious! I just found two bras finally to fit the pregnant boobs and it was like a little piece of heaven! Good bras are ESSENTIAL!